Monday, July 18, 2011

glitter on my bum...

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um, yes. i wore these under-roos today. 
why am i sharing? 

oh because i think it's pretty funny. 
i love under-roos that are...

let me share.
i was sitting at work today. 
i noticed glitter all over my chair. 
no earthly idea why. 
the tinsels in my hair? 

that didn't make sense. 
i went to potty.
noticed glitter all over the floor. 

then i noticed glitter flying 
in the air. 
it was my bum! 
my under-roos! 

i came home and changed into some comfy clothes. 
oh hi there glitter all over the floor. 
and the bed. 
doh. my whole backside of my jeans was covered in glitter. 

oh! hi there fiance who probably wants to murder me for all the glitter everywhere! 
...and now there is glitter all over our dust pan. 

if you'd like for there to be glitter everywhere you go... you may go here for your very own glittery bum!

oh. you know what else gave me a giggle today? 
look over there. -->
i have 69 lovely readers. 
69. teehee.

ok. yes. i am immature sometimes.
i thought it was funny. :o)


  1. Are we related? Same undies, same giggles at 69...great minds think alike ;)

  2. haha, VS has a little too much overkill when it comes to glitter. And I totally giggle like a little high school boy when I see 69 anywhere and definitely point it out to everyone!

  3. HAHA! Glitter bums are awesome! You leave a trail of fabulousness wherever you go! Love it.

  4. Haha! Glitter time...this so happened to me once and I think never again, although I like fun and girlie stuff. Just the glitter gets on my nerves. :( ;)


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