Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

Today... is my parents 27th Anniversary!! 

My parents are truly an amazing couple. 
They have been through so much.

You know how people say "through the ups & downs"
They most definitley have been there, and for the past 
10 or so years, it seems to have been mostly downs.
Yet, they still love each other and stick together through it all.

Through all the years my parents have made sure that we have a strong family foundation. 
Because no matter what, it all comes down to your family. 

I can only hope and pray that Mychael and I have a long lasting marriage, and are able to continue to turn to each other and pull together in life's hardest times.
You both have set a wonderful example of what family truly means.

Happiest of Anniversaries to you both. 
I love you with all my heart!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun with our Phones Monday - #3

Have pictures on your phone? 
Link up with Savanah and Erin! 
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1. Hola. It's me getting ready for work in the morning!
2. Our furchild Marco! Isn't he a purrrty kitteh?
3. OMG Halloween!! The Love has asked I please 
not got over board. :/ ...
4. Mamacitas combo fajitas. OMG. I am obsessed
with the restaurant. Addicted to the green sauce!
IV please? I am realising that I LOVE to eat. 
like I didn't know that already... but anywho all my photos
are of food!!! 

1. Reyes' tacos. Seriously. THE BEST tacos in life. 
... and at $1.50 a taco, you don't break the bank!
2. Peach Margarita from Chuy's. 
3. Chicken taco meat from Pinterest recipe. Sooo yummy!

...and now I think it's time for dinner. ha. I am hungry after looking at all that food. 
what photos do you have on your phone? 
Shaaaaaaare! You know you wanna! 

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Friday, lets feel the wind in our hair

Happy Weekend!!!!

Yay! It's Friday!! 

We have some fun plans!!

They include this...

and I am uber excited!

I will tell you all about it next week!

Do you have any plans this weekend? 

OH I am guest posting over at Camille's blog from Texas, with love
Go check it out, and give her lots of love.
Please & thank you! :o)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun with our Phones Monday - #2

Linking up again with Savanah and Erin!
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The two of us playing with my phone!


Apple Cinnamon muffins!

Enchiladas for lunch!

Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing

Sprinkles Trip!

Um. Yes. I took this photo and sent it to The Love. These make clean up super easy!!! Get excited!


I bought my car brand spankin' new, and look at all the miles we've put on it!

CJ-7. I want this!! :o)

What photos do you have on your phone?
Share. You know you want to!

Friday, August 19, 2011


So last weekend I was reading blogs and realized...

I reached...





I would offer you a giveaway, BUT fall tuition and books just stole my monies!
How dare they, right?

I want to say thank you thank you thank you for following. 
I LOVE when I my phone beeps and it's a new comment from one of you. 
It seriously brightens my day! 

I'm thinking about either hosting a giveaway for the holidays have a few ideas... or hosting a card swap. :o) I have participated in a few card swaps before and it's super fun. Who doesn't love snail mail?  Either or would make me a happy camper. What do you think?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
We sorta kinda have plans...
but laying around all weekend at home would be
a-okay with me!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Its OK Thursday! - #1

Its Ok Thursdays

Hola! Newbie here to link up with Its OK Thursday!
I am so excited to finally link up with 

Let's hope I get this right. ;)

Its Ok...

...that earlier this week I decided I must stop by Starbucks today because, um... it almost seems like I would be a bad blogger with that button sitting up there. 

...that I hate coffee therefore I will be a poser today walking in the office with my Starbucks cup that will contain Hot Chocolate. Ha!

...that I think really evil thoughts about people when they are mean to me. 

...that sometimes those really evil thoughts come out of my mouth, by accident. 

...that I have just registered for classes and I am pretty scared! 

...that I want to adopt every single special needs animal, oh who am I kidding. I want to adopt every single animal I come across. 

...that I overload my schedule. 

...that I am addicted to Criminal Minds and can't wait for the new season. 

...that most of the time I just like to stay at home cuddling with The Love watching a movie. 

...that I am pretty indecisive. 

...that I cried when we had my engagement ring re-sized and band changed. 

...that I baked cupcakes and made homemade icing this week and totally had it all over my clothing, and maybe my face. o_O

what's okay with you? 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthdays... they're kind of a big deal!

I love birthdays! 
I love to spoil the ones I love. 
I like to make them feel extra special. 
Birthdays are your special day so why shouldn't the world revolve around you?!

Mychael has been celebrating his birthday since this past Wednesday! ;) 

08.10.2011 Birthday Dinner #1
 Mychael likes TGI Friday because they have his favorite beer.
...and, you can get anything from a burger, to steak. 
... and and and they have a loyalty card so we always
get free stuff! I LOVE free! 

During the week I made reservations for Birthday Dinner #2 at Americas - River Oaks.
($20.00 lunches, $35.00 dinners, benefiting Houston Food Bank)
this was perfect timing. I really wanted to take The Love out 
for a nice dinner.

The food was yummy as expected. 
The service was spectacular. 
One of our waitstaff members just graduated high school.
Attending HCC, then transferring to University of Houston.
I so threw up the Cougar paw in the middle of the restaurant. ;)

Dessert was the best part of the whole meal. 
Seriously delicious!

Saturday was Mychael's actual birthday. 
He turned the big 2-7 !! 
We went out to the UH Fan Appreciation Day. 
I bought him a replica UH Full Size Helmet.
He has wanted one since we transferred to UH in '06.
It was brutally hot outside, thank goodness they did the signing at the UH Alumni Center. :o) 
The photo up top is our quarterback Case Keenum who was on the Heisman watch list last year but was injured during the UCLA game... no worries, we play them at home this year for our season opener. I'm hoping for revenge!!

That night we met up with a few friends for dinner at Pappacitos.
I was a little upset when we got there. They had seated some of our party
before we arrived, and then couldn't tell me where our table was. 
"but you're welcomed to look around for them". Hmph!

I was like a giddy 5yr old kid when the mariachi band came to play Happy Birthday at our table! I LOVE mariachi bands. I may just have to find a way to coordinate that into our wedding. 

This is Shellie, one of our besties and a bridesmaid in our wedding. 
... and that bag is the cutest gift bag I have ever seen in my entire LIFE!
She bought Mychael some whiskey, she knows him so well!

I forgot to take more photos at dinner. I ended up with a migrane.
The Love had a great time! He sure played up "it's my birthday weekend" for every little thing. ;)
I may have created a birthday monster! It's okay though he's my monster.

I had planned on a get together here at our place, but when UH announced the date for their Fan Appreciation day, that trumped everything.

I was so glad I was able to spoil him the way he deserves... 
in part thanks to my Scentsy business and a Pappacitos gift card I was given.

How do you celebrate birthdays for your loved ones?

Fun with our Phones Monday - #1

Whoohoo another fun link up! 
One of the nicest people in the entire world is co-hosting a link up! 
So, follow the button above over to Savanah's blog and LINK UP!!

Rules are... 
1. post photos you've taken with your cell phone. 
2. be sure to include the button above.
3. link up!

Simple. No?

This photo is from one of Mychael's birthday dinners. 
I promise he wasn't drunk, the flash from my phone almost blinded him. 
I seriously think this photo is super cute. 
I just wanna squish his face and give him kissies! 

I made us homemade soft tacos for lunch on Sunday. :o)

We had salmon and potatoes for dinner on Sunday night. 
Yes those are styrofoam plates. Don't judge. 
I had just burned my hand on the stove. :o( 

This kitty came running to me last week just as chatty as could be. 
I really wish I could bring him/her inside. I could give it the bestest home ever. 
I don't think our furkids would like this though. 

This is a photo of the chick who was sitting in front of us at the Katy Perry concert we went to at the beginning of the month. Super sweet, but for some reason she wanted me to take a photo of her.
Camille says she kinda looks like Casey Anthony.... whoa!?

What photos have you taken?

Monday, August 8, 2011

H-town Blogger Dinner

I am finally all better! 
I've been "sick" for about a week. 
Super horrible allergies. 

For this week it is going to be my goal to try to find the positive in everything. 
I am a positive person but just happen to be surrounded by people who absolutely hate their lives and seem to have no problem letting everyone know about it.
No one's life is perfect...
but seriously. 

I cherish my weekends. I get to spend endless amounts of time with The Love. 
...and we try to surround ourselves with other positive people.
After chit-chatting Camille over at from Texas, with Love
wanted to try out Mamacita's.
My most favoritest Mexican Restaurant. 
Seriously. The best!
Best service.
Best green sauce.
Best food. 
frozen Margaritas!!!

We decided on a double date. 
Then decided it would be so much more fun
if we included other H-town Bloggers.
A couple live near and love Mamacita's too
and others have expressed wanting to try it out.

I had a great time! 
I love spending time with other ladies who are positive. 
Ladies who are similar, yet different. 
So much we can all learn from each other. 

Here are some photos of our night. 

After dinner we went out to Boondoggles in El Lago for drinks
and conversation. Much fun!

Camille, me, Meg, Katie, Savanah @ Boondoggles, El Lago, TX

I woke up on Sunday... feeling the effects of the night before. 
I love growing up, but jeez... can we not be punished like this?
What am I ever going to do during football season?
Maybe I need to drink more, build up my 
alcohol tolerance? ;)

Just kidding. 
Well, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. 
Here's to hoping your Monday is fantabulous!

Friday, August 5, 2011

** True Life: I'm a General Life Blogger **

Hello There!
My name is Celia.

I'm in my late twenties and newly engaged.

We are planning a budget friendly wedding for October 2012!
Read our love story here

I write about anything that tickles my fancy.
I've started a Couple Talk series on the blog & you can find the 1st post here.
There are more topics in "draft" mode.

I am a furmom to 3 beautiful kittehs. 9yrs, 10yrs, and 17yrs.
I love all animals but cats have a special place in my heart.
Especially diabetic cats. My 17yr old was dx with feline diabetes 2yrs ago.

I am super girly, but have a sporty side.
I love everything glittery, I love hair, make up, nail polish.
I used to have a collection of over 200 nail polishes.
I won't claim to be a fashionista, not one bit!

I love football, and hockey the most.
You'll definitely see posts from the weekend once the seasons start up!

I say I am an undercover (soon to be) housewife because I am the working girl,
who sits at her desk daydreaming of being a housewife.
I wish I could send off  my (soon to be) husband,
I wish I could be home when he gets in.

I love to cook, bake, and (sometimes) clean.
I wish I could cook every single meal!
Homemade food is the best!
Oh, but I don't mind dining out...

So. This is me, and my blog.
I hope you'll stick around for a while.

Now. Click the pretty button below and link up!
I can't wait to find more pretty blogs to follow!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mrs. Monologues Faux Pas Series: Personal Space Faux Pas

Holy Guacamole! I am so excited to have Mrs. Monologues here on my blog. She gives me tons of laughs, and you should go visit her after this. Do. It. 

Mrs. Monologues here hijacking Celia's blog today for the:

Personal Space Faux Pas
a.k.a. If you do any of these things I will probably run away from you if we ever were face to face

1. The Too Close For Comfort Person
We all know this person. They apparently don't know that a 1 to 2 foot radius of space is the closest you should get to someone unless you are in an intimate relationship with them. So, just like The Fresh Prince would say "backup, backup!". It is called personal space for a reason, so if I step back form you take the hint and don't move any closer.

2. The Asks Way Too Personal of Questions Person
No, you do not need to know the last time I went to the bathroom. No, you do not need to know everything about me. If I want to share something with you I will. If not, just "mind yo business" (Fresh Prince double win).

3. The Financial Nosey Posey
Ever hear of the rule, do not ask how much someone makes? That is because it is none of your business! (Are we seeing a trend here? Good.) You do not need to know how much my house cost, how much I spent on my wedding rings or how much we paid for our dog. My shoes on the other hand you can totally ask about though, because I probably got them on super sale.

4. The Bathroom Talker
If we walk in to the bathroom together please be clear that all talk must cease as soon as we close the stall doors. Let's all do our business, and walk out and act like we never heard each other make the tinkles (Yeah, I said Also, people that are two stalls apart and talking and you happen to the person stuck in the middle it can make for a super awkward pee time. Lets just give pee-ce a chance okay.

5. The Hugger/Toucher
I'm not a big hugger(unless you are my hunny or puggie, then I am all sorts of love), or if we are family or have established bee-eff-eff level, do not, I repeat, do not hug me. I find uncomfortable hugs some of the most awkward situations I come across on a frequent basis, because apparently I give off a hug me sort of vibe. If you need further clarification on personal space, please refer to #1 for clarification.

What personal space issues drive you insane?

This post is part of the faux pas road show. Details about how you can join can be found here

Monday, August 1, 2011 of last night ended up online.

Last Friday night I went to the Katy Perry concert here in Houston with the lovely Camille of from Texas, with love and a good friend who will be our Hostess at our wedding next year.

me, Camille, Audra
The Love bought these tickets for me when they first went on sale as a surprise gift. I was so super excited. I love love love Katy Perry. He played chaperone for the evening which was wonderful. 

Note that he wore his Dream Theater shirt. I think it's a guy rule to wear a shirt like this to prove they are only there for their girlfriend. ;)

It was so much fun! The fans were fantastic! Friendly, danced, and sang loud. 
Oh and I really should have gotten photos of all the amazing outfits. 
It was like halloween! 
I want blue hair! ;)

We had glow sticks. 

Ok, actually it was cotton candy with glow "handles" and we all just pulled off the cotton candy! $10ea. wow. insane, but of course they counted on girls like us buying them. ;) We were teeny boppers for the night. 

Katy must have thought me and my friends are the ones with the sign...

...she asked them up on stage. Even took a picture with the A. 
Dear Katy, that wasn't me!! I'm so sad now. 

Have you ever been to a pop concert?
Which were your fave?