Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthdays... they're kind of a big deal!

I love birthdays! 
I love to spoil the ones I love. 
I like to make them feel extra special. 
Birthdays are your special day so why shouldn't the world revolve around you?!

Mychael has been celebrating his birthday since this past Wednesday! ;) 

08.10.2011 Birthday Dinner #1
 Mychael likes TGI Friday because they have his favorite beer.
...and, you can get anything from a burger, to steak. 
... and and and they have a loyalty card so we always
get free stuff! I LOVE free! 

During the week I made reservations for Birthday Dinner #2 at Americas - River Oaks.
($20.00 lunches, $35.00 dinners, benefiting Houston Food Bank)
this was perfect timing. I really wanted to take The Love out 
for a nice dinner.

The food was yummy as expected. 
The service was spectacular. 
One of our waitstaff members just graduated high school.
Attending HCC, then transferring to University of Houston.
I so threw up the Cougar paw in the middle of the restaurant. ;)

Dessert was the best part of the whole meal. 
Seriously delicious!

Saturday was Mychael's actual birthday. 
He turned the big 2-7 !! 
We went out to the UH Fan Appreciation Day. 
I bought him a replica UH Full Size Helmet.
He has wanted one since we transferred to UH in '06.
It was brutally hot outside, thank goodness they did the signing at the UH Alumni Center. :o) 
The photo up top is our quarterback Case Keenum who was on the Heisman watch list last year but was injured during the UCLA game... no worries, we play them at home this year for our season opener. I'm hoping for revenge!!

That night we met up with a few friends for dinner at Pappacitos.
I was a little upset when we got there. They had seated some of our party
before we arrived, and then couldn't tell me where our table was. 
"but you're welcomed to look around for them". Hmph!

I was like a giddy 5yr old kid when the mariachi band came to play Happy Birthday at our table! I LOVE mariachi bands. I may just have to find a way to coordinate that into our wedding. 

This is Shellie, one of our besties and a bridesmaid in our wedding. 
... and that bag is the cutest gift bag I have ever seen in my entire LIFE!
She bought Mychael some whiskey, she knows him so well!

I forgot to take more photos at dinner. I ended up with a migrane.
The Love had a great time! He sure played up "it's my birthday weekend" for every little thing. ;)
I may have created a birthday monster! It's okay though he's my monster.

I had planned on a get together here at our place, but when UH announced the date for their Fan Appreciation day, that trumped everything.

I was so glad I was able to spoil him the way he deserves... 
in part thanks to my Scentsy business and a Pappacitos gift card I was given.

How do you celebrate birthdays for your loved ones?


  1. How fun! It was my husband's birthday this weekend too. :) I think a mariachi band would be amazing at a wedding reception! It would be a fun surprise!

  2. Sounds like a ton of fun to me. I would say you did him right.

  3. Birthdays are the best. I love to spoil people for their birthdays. Mine is coming up Saturday, but I feel like I never get spoiled like I spoil others. [Is that horrible to say? I never have very fun birthdays like other people. Fact.]

  4. I love celebrating birthdays all week long for those I love and myself. Lots of food, friends and fun!

  5. Wow looks like you guys know how to celebrate a birthday. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading more of yours!!

  6. That food at America's looks amazing but come on, the size of that salad is really funny. :) It was fun eating dinner with y'all...and I still have no idea what that bag is supposed to be. :P

  7. Aww this looks like so much fun!!!!!!!

    I just keep looking at your blog design! I love it!!!!!! Meg did such an awesome job!!!!!

  8. I see Tres Leches!!! What are your entrees?? I can't tell. LOVE Americas. Such a special place for us! Happy birthday again to The Love! Sorry we couldn't be there Saturday night!


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