Monday, August 15, 2011

Fun with our Phones Monday - #1

Whoohoo another fun link up! 
One of the nicest people in the entire world is co-hosting a link up! 
So, follow the button above over to Savanah's blog and LINK UP!!

Rules are... 
1. post photos you've taken with your cell phone. 
2. be sure to include the button above.
3. link up!

Simple. No?

This photo is from one of Mychael's birthday dinners. 
I promise he wasn't drunk, the flash from my phone almost blinded him. 
I seriously think this photo is super cute. 
I just wanna squish his face and give him kissies! 

I made us homemade soft tacos for lunch on Sunday. :o)

We had salmon and potatoes for dinner on Sunday night. 
Yes those are styrofoam plates. Don't judge. 
I had just burned my hand on the stove. :o( 

This kitty came running to me last week just as chatty as could be. 
I really wish I could bring him/her inside. I could give it the bestest home ever. 
I don't think our furkids would like this though. 

This is a photo of the chick who was sitting in front of us at the Katy Perry concert we went to at the beginning of the month. Super sweet, but for some reason she wanted me to take a photo of her.
Camille says she kinda looks like Casey Anthony.... whoa!?

What photos have you taken?


  1. Awwww kitteh!! I can haz it?

  2. Ouch -- I hope your hand is okay! I hate burning myself on the stove/oven or my flat iron. :o/

  3. Okay i really want that sweet cat!!! Great pics.

  4. I am a sucker for stray cats! All of my cats growing up were homeless/shelter cats! Did it come back?

  5. Myke looks so happy! And that kitty is so sweet-- I like the ones that come up and talk to me :) Convince Joey to let me have it!!!

  6. haha, that is a cute picture of your man! Don't worry, I use those styrofoam plates too!

  7. YUM! I want some of those taco's girl!

  8. Looks like you did some yummy cooking this week! And yes, that girl scarily looks like Casey Anthony, haha. Thanks for linking up with me and Savannah!


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