Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun with our Phones Monday - #3

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1. Hola. It's me getting ready for work in the morning!
2. Our furchild Marco! Isn't he a purrrty kitteh?
3. OMG Halloween!! The Love has asked I please 
not got over board. :/ ...
4. Mamacitas combo fajitas. OMG. I am obsessed
with the restaurant. Addicted to the green sauce!
IV please? I am realising that I LOVE to eat. 
like I didn't know that already... but anywho all my photos
are of food!!! 

1. Reyes' tacos. Seriously. THE BEST tacos in life. 
... and at $1.50 a taco, you don't break the bank!
2. Peach Margarita from Chuy's. 
3. Chicken taco meat from Pinterest recipe. Sooo yummy!

...and now I think it's time for dinner. ha. I am hungry after looking at all that food. 
what photos do you have on your phone? 
Shaaaaaaare! You know you wanna! 

Hope everyone had a great Monday!


  1. Yummy ice cream:) you look so pretty. This morning!and kitty is very purty:) Happy Monday!

  2. margarita and a mcflurry - YUMMM

  3. I just love Marco! I need to come meet him :) and you and Mamacitas. You need an intervention!!!

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....that peach margarita looks DELISH!!!!!!! I want one now!

  5. peach marg!? How did I not know they had these?!?!!? YUM!

  6. You can never go wrong with food :))

    Have you tried the Rolo McFlurries??? Oh. My. Gawsh!


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