Thursday, August 18, 2011

Its OK Thursday! - #1

Its Ok Thursdays

Hola! Newbie here to link up with Its OK Thursday!
I am so excited to finally link up with 

Let's hope I get this right. ;)

Its Ok...

...that earlier this week I decided I must stop by Starbucks today because, um... it almost seems like I would be a bad blogger with that button sitting up there. 

...that I hate coffee therefore I will be a poser today walking in the office with my Starbucks cup that will contain Hot Chocolate. Ha!

...that I think really evil thoughts about people when they are mean to me. 

...that sometimes those really evil thoughts come out of my mouth, by accident. 

...that I have just registered for classes and I am pretty scared! 

...that I want to adopt every single special needs animal, oh who am I kidding. I want to adopt every single animal I come across. 

...that I overload my schedule. 

...that I am addicted to Criminal Minds and can't wait for the new season. 

...that most of the time I just like to stay at home cuddling with The Love watching a movie. 

...that I am pretty indecisive. 

...that I cried when we had my engagement ring re-sized and band changed. 

...that I baked cupcakes and made homemade icing this week and totally had it all over my clothing, and maybe my face. o_O

what's okay with you? 


  1. I'm loving that today's link up inspired you to go to Starbucks. I'm always looking for an excuse to treat myself to some Starbucks!

  2. Yay love that you love animals so much! If it was up to me I would have them all too. Right now we have a dog and 2 cats still working on hubby to let me get some more:) Great list!

  3. Every time I bake, I am always wearing something from the batter/frosting! It's DEFINITELY okay :)

  4. Criminal Minds!!!! i love me some Spencer Reed!! Is season 6 on DVD? My hubby and I need to watch it before the new season (we just got addicted this year).

  5. I just registered for classes too (after not being in any sort of classes for 4 years) and I'm terrified!! I start Tuesday, and just want to get it over with so the nerves are gone. I feel like a little kid on my first day of kindergarten!

  6. It is definitely ok to think evil thoughts lol!

  7. I just registered for classes and I'm crazy nervous...I've been out of school for awhile. Cute blog :)

  8. i don't do coffee either...and i LOVE going to starbucks for hot chocolate :)

  9. Welcome to It's OK Thurs, thanks for linking up! ;)

    Have I told you how much I love your layout? Meg rocks!

    I am nervous about classes this semester too, and I ALWAYS overload my schedule :-/

  10. Thanks for linking up!! And yay for registering for classes congrats girl!

  11. me and you are just alike on the animals!!


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