Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mrs. Monologues Faux Pas Series: Personal Space Faux Pas

Holy Guacamole! I am so excited to have Mrs. Monologues here on my blog. She gives me tons of laughs, and you should go visit her after this. Do. It. 

Mrs. Monologues here hijacking Celia's blog today for the:

Personal Space Faux Pas
a.k.a. If you do any of these things I will probably run away from you if we ever were face to face

1. The Too Close For Comfort Person
We all know this person. They apparently don't know that a 1 to 2 foot radius of space is the closest you should get to someone unless you are in an intimate relationship with them. So, just like The Fresh Prince would say "backup, backup!". It is called personal space for a reason, so if I step back form you take the hint and don't move any closer.

2. The Asks Way Too Personal of Questions Person
No, you do not need to know the last time I went to the bathroom. No, you do not need to know everything about me. If I want to share something with you I will. If not, just "mind yo business" (Fresh Prince double win).

3. The Financial Nosey Posey
Ever hear of the rule, do not ask how much someone makes? That is because it is none of your business! (Are we seeing a trend here? Good.) You do not need to know how much my house cost, how much I spent on my wedding rings or how much we paid for our dog. My shoes on the other hand you can totally ask about though, because I probably got them on super sale.

4. The Bathroom Talker
If we walk in to the bathroom together please be clear that all talk must cease as soon as we close the stall doors. Let's all do our business, and walk out and act like we never heard each other make the tinkles (Yeah, I said Also, people that are two stalls apart and talking and you happen to the person stuck in the middle it can make for a super awkward pee time. Lets just give pee-ce a chance okay.

5. The Hugger/Toucher
I'm not a big hugger(unless you are my hunny or puggie, then I am all sorts of love), or if we are family or have established bee-eff-eff level, do not, I repeat, do not hug me. I find uncomfortable hugs some of the most awkward situations I come across on a frequent basis, because apparently I give off a hug me sort of vibe. If you need further clarification on personal space, please refer to #1 for clarification.

What personal space issues drive you insane?

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  1. Ugh. I hate it when people invade personal space. I just want to scream GET OUT OF MY BUBBLE!!!

  2. I find that #1 and #5 go hand-in-hand from a very specific co-worker. She came up to me, stood in my personal space, then touched my bangs [!!!] after I'd got them drastically cut. Like who does that??

  3. I hate the "Too Close for Comfort Person"!! I always try to casually back up and they end up in my space again.

  4. These are all so true. I don't like people in my space. This made me happy to read...I'm not the only one, yay! Is it a faux pas to scream GET AWAY! at them?

  5. I hate when people talk two inches from ur face. Sucks ass! Back the eff up!

  6. I'm so picky about personal space!
    I am not a hugger(nor is my family in general) but my husband's family is. We've been together 4+ years and I'm still so uncomfortable with the hugging. I hate bathroom talkers too. There should be a code of silence in there and it should stick to the Las Vegas rule- whatever happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom.

  7. I hate bathroom talkers...especially when they are someone I DON'T talk to outside of the bathroom...I just want to pee in peace!

  8. Oh my gosh!!! This whole post made me smile. I do have to add the "Eats so loudly everyone within a 5mi radius can hear" person. This is absolutely an invasion of space and (quite literally) makes me ill.


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