Monday, August 1, 2011 of last night ended up online.

Last Friday night I went to the Katy Perry concert here in Houston with the lovely Camille of from Texas, with love and a good friend who will be our Hostess at our wedding next year.

me, Camille, Audra
The Love bought these tickets for me when they first went on sale as a surprise gift. I was so super excited. I love love love Katy Perry. He played chaperone for the evening which was wonderful. 

Note that he wore his Dream Theater shirt. I think it's a guy rule to wear a shirt like this to prove they are only there for their girlfriend. ;)

It was so much fun! The fans were fantastic! Friendly, danced, and sang loud. 
Oh and I really should have gotten photos of all the amazing outfits. 
It was like halloween! 
I want blue hair! ;)

We had glow sticks. 

Ok, actually it was cotton candy with glow "handles" and we all just pulled off the cotton candy! $10ea. wow. insane, but of course they counted on girls like us buying them. ;) We were teeny boppers for the night. 

Katy must have thought me and my friends are the ones with the sign...

...she asked them up on stage. Even took a picture with the A. 
Dear Katy, that wasn't me!! I'm so sad now. 

Have you ever been to a pop concert?
Which were your fave?


  1. If she comes back into town, we're making glowing letters of her name in pink fluff. MUST. MEET. KATY. PERRY.

  2. I'm jealous of your Katy Perry adventure! Y'all look so cute too!! I want a cotton candy glow stick, dang it!

  3. I bet that concert was sooooo much fun!!

  4. Katy was amazing and I only went cause my sister made me. I had a blast...and I also bought the $10 cotton candy cause it was amazing how it changed colors. lol we even went on the hunt during that awlful opening act to find a vedor who was selling it.

    Did anyone else catch that the baker boy was "vince" from What I like about you? (or am I the only dork who watched that show?)

  5. awww looks like so much fun!! I LOVE Katy Perry! I would have loved going to her concert! I'm glad you had fun!

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