Friday, September 16, 2011

Fitness Friday

oh what? you thought i had something important to say?
um. no. this video was my motivation last week to work out at 9pm.
i had logged into to complete my food diary.
i ate double the amount of food for a person who is sedentary.

i sulked, then The Love said. 
"honey, this song reminds me of you!"
and from time to time he has played a song for me and it's been really sweet. 
but this time. this time it was the video above.
my bottom lip got fat. and i told him i was going to work out.
i changed into my gym clothes, got into my car and worked off some of those calories!

i know you are probably thinking he is such a horrible person.
he's not. it was his endearing way of getting me to work out. 
he knows i care very much about my appearance. 
staying healthy and in shape is important to me.
i am not currently in shape, but i plan to be.

what has motivated you to workout lately?


  1. LOL... gotta love Stewie.

    Sometimes negative motivation works, right????


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