Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guest Post - Ashleigh from Life As I Know It: Ashleigh's Wedding

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Thanks to Ashleigh for doing a guest post for me!
She is amazingly sweet and a positive influence!
Make sure you check her blog and follow her on Twitter!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Ashleigh from Life As I Know It and I am so excited to write a GUEST POST for the fabulous CeLiA!! Thank you so much for letting me take over your blog and talk about something that is soooooo dear to my heart...my wedding day!
I see that SOOOO many of you bloggers are engaged and about to get married! To name a few... Celia (duh!), Michelle, Jenn, Cait... I know there are more!
 I remember planning my wedding and it was such a fun, stressful, exciting, and emotional time in my life! I wanted to share my own wedding experience with you all!
I will start with a short version of how my husband and I met... David and I met in January of 2007. I just moved back to Waco to teach 6th grade and he was based at Fort Hood in Killeen. We actually met.... on a dating website... creepy? NO, it's not! Haha! So many people are doing it... anyways... long story short, we had our first date on January 26, 2007... moved in together in October 2007... engaged in June 2008... and married on June 20, 2009....then.... pregnant by September... baby girl 11 days before our 1st anniversary...fast, you say? Nahhh... :-)

First comes love...
here are a few of our engagement pictures:
There are so many spectacular details that go into planning a wedding... THE DRESS, venue, flowers, food, bridesmaids, groomsmen, dj.... it's a lot to take in...
As I said before, we were married on June 20, 2009 in Southlake, Texas at the Hilton Hotel... both the ceremony AND the reception were at the Hilton... convienent!
Some pictures with my lovely bridesmaids and the groomsmen:
David and I did a "first look" before the wedding:
Part of the ballroom was turned into an alter, where we were married :-)

And just around the corner....
 .....the party begins.....
But.... the party has to end....
This was such a special day in our lives.... but the bigger picture is the MARRIAGE. It takes a lot of love and respect to be married.... lots of love and prayers for all of you future brides out there in blogland... Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and bright futures with the men of your dreams!
Happy Wedding Day to you all from....
The Bowers
And peek-a-boo from...
Baby L.... not quite a honeymoon baby... but pretty close ;-)


  1. Great way to start a day- looking a lovely wedding photos. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. omg celia could you have made a more perfect wedding?!?!? i love everything! fabulous photos, adore your dress and all the colors you picked! help me plan mine ;) xo

  3. what a beautiful wedding! the pictures made me all melty:)

  4. What a gorgeous wedding and a precious little family!! Great post, Ashleigh!

  5. what a gorgeous wedding ;-) jk, but thanks for having me today! i feel honored :-)

  6. What a gorgeous wedding! Love this guest post!

  7. Everything was so pretty and you looked beautiful!!!

  8. Great post Ashleigh! And I love the pic of you with the groomsmen: too cute! And your cake looks amazing!!!! Seriously one of the prettiest I've seen! :)

  9. What a beautiful day! You got married on my birthday. :) I adore your cake. I've never seen one like it before! Such sweet memories!

  10. Very cute recap and I'm in love with your cakes! Beautiful wedding and baby too!

  11. I think I need Ashleigh to come plan my wedding when it's time!! Seriously looks amazing!!

  12. Engaged and beautiful - married and beautiful -- Momma and beautiful!

  13. Ashleigh, your wedding was absolutely jaw-dropping beautiful!!!

  14. Yay Ashleigh!!

    Your pictures are so beautiful!

  15. Seriously, the most FUN wedding I've ever been to :)

  16. Best wishes for a long, long happy life. Your photos bring a tear to my eye, they are so beautiful.


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