Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest Post: Jess from What's the Story Morning Glory - dating on a budget

Happy Thursday! 
The week is almost over y'all! 
I have another lovely guest post for you today. 
This one made me chuckle. Seems like our men have something in common! 
Plus going out on the cheap is something I love! Enjoy!

Hey y'all! I'm jess over at Whats the Story Morning Glory?, and i will be hijacking Celia's blog today! 
 When brainstorming ideas to post about for Celia, I drew a complete blank! There is a different importance to posting on someone else's blog. It is their little part of the interwebs that they worked hard to create and not wanting to mess it all up is a bit intimidating. I am so excited to be guest posting for celia, even with the little fear of oh you know killing off her readers :) I think i needed a little excitement in my week and i needed a new bloggy challenge so thank you Celia for letting me hijack your interweb home! And thanks to all of you who read it!

So i came up with about a billion ideas and for some reason none of theme seemed worthy enough to post to someone else's blog. So i asked my boyfriend justin for ideas....ooops, his response was, "write about how awesome and hot your boyfriend is!" Well i laughed and said "um babe, i dont think i should hijack her blog to tell people how hot you are". I am not going to post about how hot he is even if he is wicked hot but i will share a bit about us! Enjoy!
jt and i both taken in Acadia National Park
My love justin, and i have been together for five yrs! Four of those years i was away at college, so we only were together when he would visit or i was on break. Trust me it was not ideal but, it was worth it! Now, we are faced with a new challenge of being broke even though we work our asses off! So...we live with his very generous parents and my crazy lab Abby. It has its challenges and one of them is finding us time and doing so on a budget. So with that little personal life synopsis i wanted to share some of our favorite ways to spend time together in our busy and crowded weeks!

{Ice Cream}
Sometimes we get out of work late or are low on money and time and nothing can pause a busy day and make you enjoy each other better than an impromptu ice cream date!

One of our faves for a day off is to grab Starbucks or smoothies and plunk ourselves down in a bookstore reading and sharing excerpts with each other. Always fun and a great way to read some silly books or magazines that you dont need to buy!

{Farmers Market}
We love strolling the farmers market on a saturday morning admiring handmade goods and picking up a few yummies. We went camping in july and along with some factory tours we made a good morning out of the farmers market where we stayed!

{Local Breweries}
Justin and i have visited a bunch of new england breweries. The tours are usually free and you can often eat lunch in the garden while you share a sample trey! I admit sometimes i come home with a few extras but overall it is a fun and not too expensive weekend activity.

These are just a few of the things we enjoy doing in our time off. We are always on the hunt for new date night ideas and low budget fun! Dont forget to make some you time or us time in the busy weeks!

Thanks Celia for letting me guest post i had a great time with it!!

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