Friday, September 30, 2011

Guest Post: JM from Something's Fishy - My Guest Post for Celia

or how my big mouth got me in trouble on Twitter (AGAIN!)

I write a fishing blog called Something's Fishy. You're probably wondering why I'm doing a guest post here at Celia's blog , which is usually more about trendy young twenty somethings , home decor , fashion and Scentsy. I am too. Let me explain. Last week I was reading through a bunch of updates on Twitter from my fishy followers and I happened across a tweet from Celia about guest posting over here. I replied with a " LOL , I'll do it but we're going to turn your blog into a fishing blog for a day. " I expected Celia to have a little chuckle at my expense and then disregard the fact that I had said anything. I was wrong. All I got back was " Do it!" , so here I am.

I've had an internal argument running through my head since that fateful day last week. What was I thinking? What do I have to offer Celia's followers , who are probably not crusty old fishermen like I normally cater to? Should I talk about fishing? How to clean fish? How to catch bait? New styles of fishing apparel? Am I losing my mind? The battle rages on and probably will for some time , but I think I can share a few thoughts that might fit in around here.

You see , for most fishermen and women , the fish are just a bonus. The time we spend on the water is time we use to collect our thoughts , unwind from the stresses of work and family and enjoy the natural world around us. Being outdoors has always brought me an inner peace that I just can't describe and believe me I've tried. There are so many things that fisherfolk , hunters , hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts see on a daily basis that many take for granted. Maybe it's not that they take it for granted , but more of a " Can't see the forest because of the trees" type thing. I don't know , but I wish I did.

Courtesy of Alex from The Flying Kayak
Doing things outdoors , whether fishing or hiking or whatever , is good for your mind , body and soul. It brings people from all walks of life and financial situations together. With most outdoor activities , you can spend as little or as much as you like in pursuit of your passion. The vast array of recreation that Mother Nature provides brings us all together in our appreciation of things that cannot be bought or sold.

Courtesy of Joe from SoCalSalty
You don't have to live in an exotic locale to get out and enjoy the great outdoors , either. I'm willing to bet that most of us are a short drive away from an opportunity to fish , hike , hunt or otherwise enjoy the beautiful world we live in. Increasingly , I find myself getting more enjoyment on a small local pond fishing with my son than I ever did traveling alone to hard to reach areas. It's also been great to teach my son , to make him aware of conservation and the science behind the sport we love. There are so many intangible benefits to being outside , my favorite being the smile on the face of the little boy pictured below.

My best fishing buddy holding a recent catch.
Where am I going with all this? Unplug for a day. Stay away from computers and televisions , leave your cellphone off and go see what's out there! I think you'll be glad you did.

Thanks for having me Celia! Best of luck to you and Mychael with the wedding and everything else that the future holds for both of you!

JM from Something's Fishy


It's Friday y'all! 
...and wasn't this the most relaxing way to end the week?
The Fiance & I will be taking a bit of your advice this weekend. 
There's something about the water that is just so calming.
Thanks JM for being so brave and guest posting for me!

...and thanks to all the guest bloggers this week!
You were all wonderful!

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  1. I came over from JM's blog. Great post and even greater advice in it. I agree, we all need to unplug every once in awhile!


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