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Guest Post - Mychael from The Quarter Life Chronicles: How he popped the question

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My name is Mychael and I'm Celia's other half.  I too blog, although my blogs don't generate nearly the traffic that hers does but you can check it out at  For now its a simple blogger blog, but my future project is step away from blogger and convert the entire website to an ASP.NET  website that will basically act as an online resume/blog/access to my server/whatever. 

When Celia mentioned she needed someone to guest post on her website, I thought I'd take the opportunity to get as many shameless plugs on my own blog as I could.  Just kidding.  Actually, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share Celia from my own eyes.  I actually had a hard time finding a topic that hasn't already been covered in her blog or mine, so I thought I'd talk about how I asked Celia to marry me.

Celia in San Antonio for our 6th Anniversary

 Celia and I have been together since May of 2005, and I know it sounds really cliche but something told me she was going to be significant in my life early.  We'd been together probably 3 years when I'd really started thinking I wanted to marry her.  I know that's an eternity for couples these days, but there is a reason why the divorce rate in the US is so high, and I'm not interested in following in my parents footsteps.

The circumstances of everything needed to be perfect.  We'd just bought a home in October of last year and both of us were getting nested into our new careers.  I felt like the time was right to pop the question.  I'd done my homework on rings.  Buying a diamond is like buying a used car.  Everyone has a dozen reasons why theirs is the best, and unless you properly educate yourself on the ins and outs of diamonds its impossible to know weather or not you actually got a good deal.

I'd initially decided to buy the ring in pieces.  Find the stone from a wholesaler and the setting somewhere else, but after visiting Kay Jewelers I decided that would be the best route.  I was able to pick the stone and setting from any two rings and Kay's would combine them however I liked.  After an hour or so I'd purchased the ring and headed for the house.  The easy part was over.

On my way out of the mall I realized I hadn't thought exactly how I was going to propose.  You always hear of these stories of huge romantic gestures that everyone crowds around to hear.  Part of me wanted to be one of those guys, but I had nothing.  I remember having to run a few errands on my way home and when I got out of my truck to go into other stores all I could think of was the diamond ring sitting in my pickup.

It wasn't until I got home and began a little brainstorm with a friend of mine before we came up with a good idea.  I like photography.  We've been known to go out sometimes on a Sunday and shoot photos from the area that we live in.  The idea in a nutshell was to set a timer for 15 seconds or so and propose to her so that the camera would grab the response.  Pretty good I thought, and I'd decided to go with that.

When Celia came home and I saw her I was overcome with this feeling.  Like a bowling ball in the stomach type feeling.  We'd decided to get Chick-fil-A that evening for dinner, and the entire drive up I couldn't think about anything else.  It had nearly escalated to where I was feeling physical sick to my stomach.  After half eating my sandwich and pretty much tuning Celia completely out I had decided that I couldn't wait to ask her anymore.

Once I decided I was gonna ask her impromptu, I started getting extremely nervous.  I don't really know if Celia got wise to my nervousness, I can't quite remember the car ride home from Chick-fil-A.  As soon as we walked in the house she went to the office to rummage around in something and I went straight for the ring.  I paced in the closet for a minute or two to gather my composure and draw up a quick "red-zone" strategy.  I turned the lamp down low and shut the rest of the lights off.  Looking back on it now, I should have lit a candle or something but hindsight is 20/20.

"Babe, can you come in here for a second?"  I stood a few feet back from the door and waiting for her to come in.  When she walked in I could tell she was a little confused as to why I was standing in the bedroom with the lights off.  I reached into my pocket and pulled the ring out.  She smiled.  "Honey, what is this?", she asked smiling even bigger now.  Holding the ring with one hand, I grabbed Celia's hand with the other.  "Celia, will you marry me?"  At this point I'm definitely starting to cry.  "Of course, honey!"

Our first photo as an engaged couple at Cougar Field
So that (to the best of my recollection) is how I asked Celia to marry me.  It's not overly dramatic or full of grand gestures, but getting engaged in our new home (for me at least) couldn't have been better.

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  1. oh my goodness!! this is the sweetest thing ever... seriously have tears in my eyes.

    you two are SO blessed to have each other :) :) :)

  2. What a sweet guest post! I love the fact that he couldn't wait to propose to you. LOVE it. I think it's a great idea to have Mychael guest post! I might have to copy this and make Greg post for me! lol.

  3. He is soooo sweet, Celia!! What a sweet post :-) I think it's awesome that he did a guest post, too! Not a lot of guys are like that!

  4. awww love it - such a great story!

  5. What a sweetheart!!
    The smallest gesture can make the biggest impact and each couples story is special the them in their own way. I'm so happy for you both and know you have a lifetime of happiness and love ahead of you

  6. I'm so glad we got to hear Mychael tell the story. it makes it so sweet :) Y'all are perfect for each other and will have the best life together :)


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