Monday, September 12, 2011

I am Medusa

hello lovely readers!
i hope you all had a great weekend!
i had an exhausting weekend.
and of course i hate that it's monday today.

wish i was a housewife.

story of why to come soon.
i'm not lazy, i promise.

now... you may want to close your eyes.
like seriously, you may get seriously scared in just a moment.
so just take precaution scrolling down.




wheee! good morning. hello medusa!
The Love calls me medusa when i wake up in the mornings.
no joke. so loving right?

and this is with a chemical straightener in my hair.
my curls are coming back in, which makes for some comical mornings.
nothing my BFF Chi Iron can't help with.

did you get a laugh out of that?
yes? awesome. my job is done! :o)
have a lovely Monday!

Source: via Kate on Pinterest


  1. I am with you on the stay at home part! Love the post at the bottom some days I swear its hard to find the one good thing esp. On a Monday!

  2. Bahaha my hair looks similar in the morning. My bangs are always sticking straight up!

  3. LOL I love it! My hair sort of looked the same way this morning, but it was only because I was tossing and turning so much.

  4. Lol! And housewives arent lazy, trust me! No one would fault u!

  5. I appreciate your bravery in posting this! My hair is always bonkers when I get up. Not cute! [*love you, flat iron!*]

  6. Aww your hair!!! LOL!!! My hair is very stick straight, but for some reason when I wake up it looks like I have a head of curls! Or some serious knots!

    Hope you had a good weekend! Missed you yesterday!

  7. I actually wish my hair had the volume yours did!!! I know I'm crazy but I wish I didn't wake up with my hair so flat and straight!!!

  8. aww! that was so me! until i kept up with a relaxer bec my hair had always been thick course and wavy! i still sometimes wake up like this tho! haha ;) you are beautiful just the way God made you!

  9. lol! i'm glad i'm not the only one who wakes up with insane hair! :)

  10. I wake up every morning with Medusa hair too!

  11. bwahahaha!!! girl you are crazy :) But still so pretty though :)

  12. You are so dang cute! I'm not brave enough to show my hair in it's before state!

  13. haha my bff looks like that every morning too - it is like a lions mane!

  14. My hair is so much worse in the morning. Short hair just has a mind of its own!


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