Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's OK Thursday! - #2

Its Ok Thursdays

i'm linking up for the second time with Neely & Amber and i think you should too!
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* it's okay to be addicted to your favorite restaurant's green sauce to the point that you beg and plead with your fiance to take you, because you're leaving town for 36hrs.

* it's okay that i may have turned into a bridezilla recently over something that turned out to be nothing... and our wedding is 13mo away. totally ok, right?

* it's okay that i was nervous when i emailed my future MIL about plans... and she wanted me to call her to talk on the phone. o_O

* it's okay to be friends with people whos morals and values do not reflect your own, and to still think they are good people. 

* it's okay to visit another big city in texas and still think "houston is better" ;o) it's my home and will always be the best city in the state. 

* it's okay to visit another big city and stare out your hotel room into the heart of the city and wonder if you ever could relocate...

what's okay with you?

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  1. Wedding definition: the only time in your life that you can be a crazy person and get away with it :)

    So indulge yourself!

  2. girl, u can obsess and be bridezilla all you want- it's YOUR wedding so enjoy it!!! and you are brave to call your MIL-- that kind of comment wouldve scared me and i wouldnt have called, lol

  3. Loved the 'How We Meet' guest blog! Congratulations on your engagement! I'm not engaged yet but I hope to hear some great tips on a budget friendly wedding!

  4. I totally had a crying meltdown in the downtown specs with my parents over our wedding - you are totally OK! = )

  5. Every city that I visit, I go through a brief spell of wondering if I could relocate there. So far, only San Diego, Virginia Beach, Seattle and Charleston have made the list of places I think I'd actually move to. :-)

  6. You think Houston's better than Austin? I jest. I used to live in H town and miss my fabulous friend who still lives there. Le sigh.

  7. Just be grateful you still have PLENTY of time to plan your wedding! I only had 6 weeks to plan mine!

  8. Houston is NOT better than Dallas! ;) Well, not to me anyway! Haha. Mmm, now I want green sauce!


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