Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lets go to Tookies, y'all!

I asked The Fiance earlier tonight what I should blog about and he said him.
Well as much as I love him, I'm not feeling all lovey dovey to dedicate a post all to him. 
Sorry honey bunny. BUT I will tell y'all we had another first experience together!
I love experiencing things for the first time with The Fiance!

We went to TOOKIE'S for the first time ever in life for lunch the other day.
I wasn't having a very good day. Went to an event that was a waste.
I lost my debit card. So we decided to go home and eat. 
Then The Fiance passed up our house and I asked him where we were going.
he said. I think I said "Oh my god baby, yay!"

Mychael was born & raised in League City, ya know a city that doesn't mean much. (i kid i kid)
I on the other hand grew up in the wonderful town of Kemah! Only the best place ever!

Neither one of us had ever stepped a foot into TOOKIE'S! 
I used to pass by it every Sunday when my Mom and I would go grocery shopping in Seabrook.
The Fiance had passed by it numerous times. 
Then... Hurricane Ike came through, and TOOKIE'S was gone forever.
I cried. TOOKIE'S is such a staple in our area and I never got to try it. 
My heart broke into a million pieces. 

Then, I saw someone "like" TOOKIE'S on facebook.
I clicked and..... HOLY MARGARITAS!!!!! 
I am pretty sure I jumped up and down!
Finally!!!! I get to eat at TOOKIE'S! 

TOOKIE's originally opened in 1975, closed down after Hurricane Ike in 2008, then reopened with new owners last month. I hear the interior is very similar to how it was pre Ike.

I read on their facebook wall prior to the opening, and the nights of their first opening that The Squealer is THE burger to eat. I don't like veggies, so The Fiance order it. 
I had the Chili Cheeseburger and we split an order of fries.
The food was wonderful and the atmosphere was amazing.
Everyone looked so happy to be working there, customers were so glad to be eating there. 
Our waiter's name was Adrian and he was great and had lots of energy. 
I wonder if he knew it was my first time there and inside I was jumping up and down like a little school girl!

TOOKIE'S also has a bar, so I ordered myself a Margarita! 
Burgers and Margaritas, that's a-okay with me. 

If you ever come to Houston be sure come down to the Bay Area and play in Kemah, and then hop across the bridge into Seabrook and eat at TOOKIE'S!

I have a mental list of all the local places I have to eat at. 
Can't wait for my next TOOKIE'S visit!

Do you have a local place that is a MUST when people come to visit?
Please share with me. :o) I plan to visit all 50 states!


  1. For Houston, I'm a big fan of taking people to El Teimpo for great mexican food or to Americas for a really nice dinner.

  2. I can't believe either of you had never been to Tookies!! It's the best. Well, I haven't been since it reopened, but I'm looking forward to going!

  3. Margaritas and burgers always go well together....congrats on being featured on #commenthour.

  4. Come to MS, and eat at RJ's! Wonderful, *healthy* (HaHa) fried food :)

  5. I cant believe I've never eaten there! Looks yummy!

  6. This post has made my day!!! I was so sad to see Tookies go after Ike and I am now Thrilled to hear they are back!!! I'll be making the hubby take me very soon!!He's never been.

  7. If you are ever in Paris be sure to head through Paris, take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower and eat at Prater's Taters. All the tables are adorned with Mr. & Mrs. Potato Heads to play with and nearly every item on the menu is served on the biggest potato you've EVER seen!

  8. I TOTALLY have a place that is a staple in my town. If anyone comes to visit me here in WA, I’d be more than happy to take you to Ixtapa. Great food and even better service! The employees are most of the reason I keep going back (seriously, if you live in my town, Ixtapa is like your second home).


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