Thursday, October 13, 2011


Source: via Amber on Pinterest

In exactly one year I will be marrying the most handsome & most intelligent man I know.
(besides my Dad of course)
I will be marrying the one guy who finally wasn't afraid to tell me "no" when I wanted something.
The only guy who didn't tell me he loved me within a couple months. 
I will be marrying the man who didn't let me run away...
and who didn't let me push him away.

Most importantly...
I'll be marrying the man I love.
My very best friend.

Did you know I always told my parents I would never get married.

I am not the girl that has dreamt of her wedding since she was a little girl. 

I didn't seriously start thinking about marriage until I met Mychael.

There was something about him. 
I felt ridiculously comfortable.
I felt like I could be me when I was with him.
The only people on this earth that I let my guard down around are my parents. 
Yet... I felt the same way with Mychael.
We just click!

I can't wait for 10.13.2012
I can't wait to be his Mrs. 

I'm guest posting over at The Vintage Apple today.
She's currently on her honeymoon!!
Go give her lots of l.o.v.e. !


  1. What sweet words! Happy 1-year countdown- very exciting.

  2. YAY! The waiting part is the hardest! I feel like it is still a lifetime away for me. I like your date! Congrats again!!!

  3. soooooo exciting for you girl :)

  4. What a great story. So romantic!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Eeeeeee!! This year will fly by! So happy for you!!

  6. Enjoy this year! Even when it gets stressful or busy, enjoy it! It goes too fast!

  7. So beautiful!! This year will go by so fast- countdown time! ;)

  8. I'm so excited for you! This year will go by so fast just like everyone says. Enjoy it all!

  9. oh this is so sweet and so exciting!!

  10. Aw, yay!!! One year countdown -- so exciting!

  11. Congrats!! :)


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