Monday, October 17, 2011

Beauty Secrets: My makeup bag

Today we are going to go through my makeup bag. 

People have randomly asked me what makeup I use.
So I figured I would share right here.

Compared to some girls I wear very minimal makeup. 
Others... I wear a lot. I honestly think it's nada. 

I have 5 items in my makeup bag. 

Yup, that's it. Five. 

Here are the products I am currently using. 

I usually only use this around my eyes to create a smoother pallet for eyeshadow. 
....and it may just be my mind but it seems like at the end of the day I don't look as tired.

Covergirl's Trublend Minerals $7.99 @ Target
This is actually my first time using this make up. 
(I use an Elf brush to apply)
I typically use Revlon's ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup. 
I like this one. It seems to give my face a natural glow, and it's light. 
I hate feeling like my face is full of makeup! 
The Revlon one I typically use is great if you need coverup.
So I may buy some to keep on hand. =)

First time usuing this as well. I'm not much of a "name" person when it comes to makeup...
This is great. Brightens my eyes when I want to wear some eyeshadow.
Goes on smoothly, and lasts all day. 
Best of all, it doesn't gunk up in the crease. 

Mary Kay Waterproof Mascara - Black $10
This is my favorite mascara ever in life! 
It is seriously the best. 
Use it. 

Covergirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner - Target $7.49
I've been changing the eyeliner I use lately...
I've used pencil, they just don't seem the same after sharpening. 
I've used liquid... I'm not great at drawing straight lines.
This one... I LOVE it goes on sooo smooth and so straight!
I haven't had to sharpen it yet... in fact I may have to do some research.
Do I use a regular sharpener on this one? 

Please note: this makeup works perfectly for me and my skin. 
I tend to have oily skin around my nose, cheeks, and forehead.
Dry skin around my chin.

Products may differ on your skin. 

Are you going to defriend me now because I'm not all high maintenance when it comes to my makeup?
No? Aww... didn't think so! ;-)

While we are on the topic of makeup... which makeup bag do you use?
I need a new one! Is there one I must have?

What's in your makeup bag?


  1. haha i love the make you use! i never like using expensive products for make up- partly because i dont have the $ ha. hmmm id have to say in my make bag i have a few foundation compacts- eyeshadows and lip gloss also all from Target! xo

  2. I love your low-key makeup bag. Mine is about the same ;) I'm going to have to try that Neutrogena concealer. I need something to wake my eyes up! As for my makeup bag, I have a small bag I got from VS a long time ago, but I have a ton of little bags I've gotten as a free gift with purchase from makeup counters!

  3. you arent high maintenance, lol! i used to only have about 5 things until peer pressure from blogs made me feel like i needed more! lol, jk my fault

  4. I just might need to try that mascara!

  5. Wow, very minimal! I always use old make-up bags that I got with previous "gift with purchases". Right now I'm using an old Dior bag.

  6. I have that eyeliner and love it! I also use their perfect point plus for a more defined line.

  7. Oh I need a new eyeliner...gotta try that one. :)


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