Friday, October 14, 2011

Football - Let's have a litte tailgating fun!

Ahhh hello weekend!
Although we do love hosting watch parties at our place.
Do you know what we love even more?
Tailgating our bootays off!

This year we have been able to tailgate with one of my Bridesmaids, Bobby, and her fabulous boyfriend Jesse! 
So much fun! 
...and The Original Tailgating girls are back at it again this year! 
Who says you can't be girly, and love football?

Look at those flags! So pretty!
Love love love those iron drink holders! 
Our tailgating spot is right along the path where the parade stops! 

My fiance looks so handsome and mature! OoOoOh.
Our group definitely knows how to play flip cup like champs!
Another bridesmaid, Shellie, tailgating Vegetarian style!
She's a Longhorn fan, trying to bring her to the good side! ;)

The lovely football couples again!
Football is the only time it's acceptable to sweat! 
Oh, and maybe gym time...

If things don't work out with The Love and I... I'll just hook up with one of these Frontiersmen. ;)
The Original Tailgating Girls together for one last time this year. 

...and do you know who this is?
You should, fellow blogger Mrs.Stephanie Howard!
You can find her on Twitter here, and she is the writer behind BEAUtiful Mess.
I was so surprised to run into her!

Do you head out to support your local team?
Do you tailgate?


  1. Y'all look so cute! I love tailgaiting for the Texans. Makes me feel part of it all!

  2. I'm jealous! i love tailgating and havent done it in forever!

  3. I think I've only been tailgating.... ONCE. Maybe. My college wasn't really big on that. Maybe next season when I can drink again!

  4. i love your blog! it's too awesome and how great that you've been to so many tailgating!


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