Friday, October 7, 2011

Football - Let's have a watch part-ay!

What do I love most about Fall?
Well I would say the cooler weather.
It seems like cool weather doesn't arrive until about November around here.
If we are lucky....

I love football!
...and I love that I am lucky enough 
to be with a guy who knows his stuff enough to teach me. 
I can make calls before the ref even calls them! 
Hell yeah!!

Since we are all settled in to our Condo this year, when our team is away.
We host watch parties! Wheeee!!

Chip bowl I found at Arnee's! So perfect for this germaphobe!

I love that we are able to have our friends over to watch games. 
I love that our friends want to come over to watch games. 

For one of the last games we weren't going to do anything, 
we had a lot to do and figured no one would want to drive down for the second
weekend in a row anyhow. 

Then we received all kinds of texts from our friends asking if they could come over.
It makes my heart warm.

Do you like to host watch parties?
What are your favorite foods to bring?


  1. This is so nice!
    I wish I was half as good hosting.
    I suck at it, I feel awkward, and I feel like I'm too boring for it.
    Anyways... You guys are COOL! ;)

  2. WOW! Looks like you throw an awesome watch party! I love going to cookouts and getting together with friends for gameday! Maybe one day I can come to Houston and meet you!

  3. I love watch parties! I am a big fan of chips and dip and nachos at watch parties! Love that chicken mcnuggets were in attendance! :)

  4. I love that chip/dip bowl so cute!


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