Monday, October 24, 2011

He says..

So here's the rub.  I like cuddling as much as the next guy.  Cuddling is like anything else, it's great in moderation.  I love cuddling on the sofa while watching a movie or even just reading while Celia blogs.  My favorite though is when she sits next to me in my pickup (I've got an old single cab with a bench seat) and I can rest my arm around her, or on her legs.

When Celia first moved in with me after the Storm she was an emotional train wreck, and had every right to be.  She just had the life she knew completely stripped from her and everything she knew or loved was gone.  She moved into my childhood bedroom while I was finishing up school at the University of Houston, and I wanted to make things as easy as I could.

I held her hand before she fell asleep, because I wanted her to know that no matter what happened over the next few months (what turned out to be two years) I wasn't going to leave her side.  It was then that I first heard the song "Heartbreak World" by Matt Nathanson and from that point forward the song became our song (at least to me).

That said, those events took place a while ago.  We now live in our home, are engaged and life is as good as its been for us in a long time.  Like I said before I still love cuddling on the sofa or riding with my arm around her in my ol' pickup.  However, for the bulk of my life I've slept the same way.  On my side, with one pillow under my head and a feather pillow in my arms.  That is how it is.  Cuddling before makes it difficult for to get comfortable, and while she says I should cuddle her at least until she falls asleep I'd be willing to bet I beat her to it most nights.

I'm definitely an affectionate person, and I need that touch also.  But when its time for sleep, I'll thank you to stay on your side of the bed...

Until next time,

What about you? 
Do you need your space when you sleep?

See her post here


  1. I get this point of view-- i try to cuddle with my hubs and we both end up waking up with one of our arm's asleep or something... I still love cuddling!!!i think it's really sweet how your fiance took care of you after the storm :-)

  2. You guys crack me up! in a good way...
    I can relate to Celia's side of the story, in fact been there my friend ;)
    but I also respect the Mr.'s side of the story.
    But most of all I am Glad you both can communicate, and see each other's point of view.
    I also love when people involve music with their life story, thank you so much for doing so. I just feel like is adds character to any story.
    I wish you both the best...I wish you both the happily ever after that so many of us dream of. ;)

  3. I'm with you! Don't touch me while I'm trying to sleep!!!

  4. I too like a bit of cuddling but after a minute or like Tara don't touch me! Great pOst!!

  5. I'm with you I want to be left alone when I'm sleeping. I love cuddling while awake but once I'm tired I want to just be left alone to sleep.

  6. I will cuddle in my sleep sometimes but most of the time I want to be left alone or with minimal cuddling (hand holding, feet touching, etc.) and I will end up on my side of the bed with all of the blankets. Because let's be honest, you boys don't need blankets. But we girls do. So I steal them. :)

    Seriously though, sleeping with someone all hot and in your space can be overwhelming unless it's cold. Then it's nice and everything's peachy!

  7. I think it's so awesome that Mychael guest blogs for you. I'm kind of like you, Mychael - I need my space. I like to cuddle before but not while sleeping

  8. oh I for sure need my space once I'm asleep. BUT I do like to cuddle until I do fall asleep ;)


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