Friday, October 21, 2011

She says...

Are you ready to see me and my soon to be mister fight it out? Get ready, it's happening. Right here. On the blog. I kid, I kid!

Do you remember when Mrs. Monologue's took over my blog? Need a refresher? Read here.

#5 couldn't be more true. Sometimes I freeze up when people invade my personal space. I want to hyperventilate. This is especially true when it is a total and complete stranger! 

...but when it comes to my honey bunny. I love to cuddle, and hug, and latch onto him. You may not see this much hanging out with us, as neither of us too keen on PDA when with our friends. Have you ever been around that couple. Eww.

When it's time for bed. Oh my goodness. All I want to do is tangle my feet in his. 

...but what do I get? I get a growl from him. ...and he kicks my feet away, and out of his area. I tell him my feetsies are cold and he gives me socks. le sad. 

When I first moved in with Mychael after Hurricane Ike about 3 years ago we fell asleep holding hands. I went from living with my parents, to suddenly driving back from Dallas to Houston...homeless & split apart from my parents. I was scared, and felt alone. Falling asleep with him in his childhood room holding hands was the best feeling ever. I knew that everything was going to be okay. He would be there for me, and he was going to protect me.

Now that we have our own place. I know I am safe with him here at home...but I still like the cuddles in bed. I swear, every night we spend about 5mins bickering over cuddles. I want to cuddle. He tells me he doesn't cuddle. I tell him he knows I want to cuddle, he tells me we have a Queen size bed, we have enough room for our own space.

Source: None via Holly on Pinterest

I asked for a King size bed, he said no. I usually end up in the middle of the bed, sleeping right against him. I have woken up in the middle of the night and Mychael will be on my side of the bed laying with his head on my chest. Makes my heart happy.

What about you? 
Are you a cuddler when it comes to sleepy time?
...or are you one of those evil people that needs their space?

**Stay tuned, Mychael will be on the blog Monday to explain his evilness and dislike for cuddles.**

See his post here


  1. Every night I draw a pretend line down the middle of the bed and tell hubs not to cross it. Lol. I'm not a cuddler at night!

  2. I'm not really a cuddler at night but I do like to cuddle when we're just being lazy around the house. Except we NEVER do. He hasn't cuddled with me since when we first started dating 6 years ago! :-/ I even try giving him the guilt trip and it doesn't work. lol.

  3. I like to cuddle before bed but I don't like to be touched while I'm sleeping (unless it's Dexter sleeping next to my leg). How sweet to fall asleep holding hands!

  4. aww i love this post! justin and i both like to cuddle which is great but i cant cuddle if its too hot so we need to use the ac or open a window...most nights we cuddle and i torture him with cold feet(he tried the sock thing and lost)

  5. B says the same thing when i try to snag is feet to keep mine warm at night lol. drives him nuts oh well he stuck with me :) your button looks AMAZING:) Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh, I am a BIG cuddler but, once I fall asleep I resort to “my side of the bed”, haha. P.S. I gave you an award on my blog today! :)

  7. Dylan and I cuddle as we're going to sleep, but then we stick to our own side of the bed. However, when it's almost time to wake up, we're back to cuddling again! It's the best of both!

  8. I'm the cuddler, the hubs shoves me to the other side of the bed! LOL

  9. Awww, sweet post :-) I am definitely a cuddler, especially when I feel bad or had a bad day. There is nothing like the power of manly arms around you :-)

  10. I am totally with you on this! I am such a cuddle monster as Scotty calls me!

  11. I am a HUGE cuddler :) Nate will cuddle with me until I fall asleep, but usually doesn't after that. He likes his space when he sleeps.. BOO :(


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