Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Decorations/Decor

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Last year was our 1st year in our place, so I am just starting 
to collect holiday decorations/decor.

Our 1st mantel/fireplace
This year's mantel...

I'm sure I will do some switching around, and adding to :-)
I just wanted to get our house in the Christmas spirit ASAP!

and we have our little tree! 
I bought this tree for Mychael when we were dating. 
He told me that his family didn't put up a tree and didn't really do anything 
special for Christmas. 
As someone who lives in a house with a Mom that loves to make the holidays 
special and a Dad that likes to spoil his girls, this was unacceptable.
So I bought Mychael this little tree for his bedroom.

Now it is our tree, and we add one new ornament each year to symbolize the number
of Christmas' we have celebrated together.

I also tricked Mychael into buying Poinsettias and the Snowman sign for our front balcony.
Doesn't it look festive??
My Grandma Lopez loved red, and she loved Poinsettias.

I can't wait to add more to our holiday decorations.

What are some of your favorite that you have? 
Link up, and share with us!


  1. Love the little tree and pointsettas!

  2. The poinsettias are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Everything looks great! It makes me so sad that Mychael's family doesn't really decorate for Christmas! Glad you spiced things up a bit :)

  4. that little tree is so adorable! do you have a big tree as well?


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