Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's OK!

Its Ok Thursdays

I'm linking up once again with Neely and Amber for It's OK Thursday! 
 It's really been an It's OK past couple of weeks. 
It's OK... 

that I haven't really written a true blog post since almost two weeks ago... 

that I've been kinda depressy for the past two weeks...
that I feel as if I've been knocked down and can't get back up... 

that I can't believe how much people are behind the firing of Paterno, I guess the next time I hear that you may be doing something wrong I'll just go ahead and shout it out to the world. Ya know, who cares if I didn't see it first hand. Let's just assume and possibly wrongly ruin your life...

that you're probably thinking "you don't understand, you don't have children"... I was that child... I spoke up AT THE TIME

that I was so super nervous about our engagement shoot, and I just knew they were going to turn out horrible. Fiance would look great, I wouldn't. World ends...

that my Dad has to go in for testing and I am a little scared very scared of what the results may be, or what the doctor is looking for... 

What's OK with you?


  1. I agree about JoePa ... I mean, he did the best he could - he took the information to his "higher-ups" and THEY dropped the ball.

    Your engagement shoot looks gorgeous! And I hope everything is ok with your dad!

  2. You look gorgeous in the pic I saw!! Silly girl for worrying about that!

  3. Agree about Joe Pa. He deserved the respect of at east being fired face to face. The phone call was crappy.

    If you need a big sis, I'm here to hold your hand for your dad. ~hugs~

    I just need to take you to lunch next wk....Other than Tuesday I'm good!!

    Keep your chin up and make people what your up too! ;)

  4. Yall are too cute! Sorry u have been feeling sadz :-( xoxo

  5. I'm sorry you've been sad. :-(

    I love your engagement sneak peek!! Gorgeous!

    I'll keep your dad in my thoughts!

  6. hope everything is ok with your dad! and hope you start cheering up soon! :)

  7. hope everything is ok with your dad! and hope you start cheering up soon! :)

  8. Hope all is ok with your dad! Will be keeping him/you in my thoughts & prayers! Sorry you have been sad :( hope you find yourself cheerful soon!

  9. I'm so sorry you've been down in the dumps girl, I hope you come back up quickly! :)

    Also, praying for your daddy!

  10. Hope your dad is ok! Also, I completely agree about Paterno and was really happy to read this. I was starting to feel like I was wrong in thinking I was misunderstanding the situation, but you spelled it out in exactly the way I was seeing it. Aaaand, I love your engagement photos! If the world ends, it's just because they're way too sweet.

  11. I've been feeling the same depressy feeling lately too!!! It's really really OK to worry about your dad. Sending up a prayer for you guys!

    No worries about your gorgeous engagement photos! thank you for sharing them.

  12. LOVE the sneak peak of the engagement shoot!

  13. I am saying a prayer for your dad! Hope all is well!


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