Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's do a Nail Polish Swap!!!

Oh hi!!!

Tara from Fabulous But Evil and I have been being sneaky lately!!
We are happy to announce we are co-hosting a Nail Polish Blog Swap!!
We are both so super de duper excited for this and hope you will play along with us!

I love nail polish, Tara loves nail polish, and I know most of you do too!
In fact, some of us are borderline obsessed!

So here are the deets my sweets!

  • Sign ups start today! To do so, just link your blog/twitter.
  • Spending limit is $20 prior to shipping.
  • Spread the word and post our button on your blog!
  • tweet about the blog swap! the more the merrier! "come play along with @uhgirl & @fabulousbutevil 's first ever Nail Polish Blog swap!"
  • Sign ups end on 11/9/11
  • We will email you your partners information by 11/11/11 say hello to her, learn about her, and have fun shopping!
  • Please mail your packages by 11/21/11 
 !!!!!!! Ahhhh I am so excited!!!!!!!!
Let the sign ups begin!!!!
:::::::happy dance::::::


  1. yeee!! so excited. give me someone good. lol.

  2. Bahahahaha...some of us are borderline obsessed. Um, me?! LOL

  3. Dang it! I want to join so bad but can't afford another swap! Why didn't you tell me about this one before the scarf one came up?! ;)

  4. im definitely one of the borderline obsessed haha! yay so excited :)


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