Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Take a Little Time for You

The other night in conversation with The Love I mentioned I needed to take some time for me
Not time away from him, it's just that I felt like I had put so much time and effort into others and making sure that they were okay, making sure that our joy and happiness that surrounds
our wedding planning, and upcoming holidays didn't get them down
...and in the process I forgot about myself. 

There are things that I want to do. I need to let myself be happy. This is a happy time.
I shouldn't have to walk on egg shells, and there's nothing wrong being happy!

So yesterday, since I don't have anyone weighing me down anymore.
I went on over to my local drug store, and picked up some nail polish.

I gave myself a little manicure during lunch, added a little sparkle,
and enjoyed making my nails pretty!

Fiance doesn't understand the glitter on the one finger nail.
I have to say I don't either but I saw it trending on pinterest and think it's uber cute! 

Next on the list. 
My hair. I want need to have it straightened again.
The curls are getting ridiculous, but then I also want to have some color put in.
Hmmm.. one or the other, or both?
Decisions decisions!  

Oh & one of my best friends joined Twitter last night!!
Click here to follow her :)
She'll be starting a blog in the near future as well.
I'm sure it will be amazing, as she's of of those fancy English people. ;)

Have you ever felt guilty because you were happy?  
What are some things that you do for you?


  1. pretty color. just in time for the holidays :)

  2. Pretty nails!! I painted mine a similar color last night! :)

  3. good for you for taking time for yourself! so many times we can get wrapped up with other things that we forget about ourself! and yes, guys don't understand the one nail sparkle!

  4. I usually try to get a mani/pedi once a week or at least once every other week ... that's my total relaxation, for me time :)

  5. Love that nail polish color!!! A home mani is on my to-do list for tonight. :-)

  6. Nothing like a lunch time mani! Looks gorge!

  7. Very nice color. My husband doesn't get the one nail thing either but its sooooo cute!!!

    When are you getting your hair cut? It was great tweeting yesterday. Rich finally woke up from the recliner...but went straight to bed. :)


  8. I got the glitter polish from my nail polish swap friend! I am going to put it on tonight over a deep purple.

    It's SO important to take time for yourself... I'm glad you did! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I love your nails--that's such a pretty red! I need to do mine tomorrow--they're looking pretty grim. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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