Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Engagement Photos by Phenom Photographers

Good Morning y'all! 

I promised y'all I would bring you along our journey with 
wedding planning and all of that good stuff...
I've been slacking, forgive me?

Last month Mychael and I took our engagement photos with

Reggie - Phenom Photographers

Reggie is an amazing photographer, more importantly he is an amazing person.
I met Reggie at LA fitness about 3yrs ago, he was my personal trainer 
Reggie was a breath of fresh air every time I came in.
He is one of those people that is always happy!!

We would chat during my workouts about life, family, friends, 
school (he's a University of Houston alum!), and work.
It was like I was getting fit and having a 
therapy session! =)

Sometimes after a workout he would show me some of his photography.
The work was amazing, breath taking and natural!
When Reggie turned into a full time photographer I knew that one day 
he had to be the one who was at our wedding!!

When Mychael and I got engaged the first thing I told Mychael was
"Oh my god, we have to have Reggie!! If there is anything I have to have, it's Reggie!"
I didn't care about the venue, I cared about the photographer! 
I would get married in a trashcan! 

I am thrilled to show you some of our favorite shots from our engagement shoot.
Of course the location is the campus of the University of Houston.
It just wouldn't be right if they were taken anywhere else.

We will be heading out this weekend with Reggie to get a few more shots with some sun. 
This day was gloomy, but we were still ever so pleased with the moments captured.

Which is your favorite shot of us?
When you were planning your wedding what was the one thing you had to have?


  1. I actually really like the very first photo with the trees! We just for our engagement photos back too!

  2. ohmygosh i LOVE all the pictures :) so adorable! xo

  3. Reggie is talented! It also helps that he has some pretty gorgeous subjects to photograph. Love the photos so much!

  4. Love all your engagement photos. He did an amazing job!

  5. I love the ones of your hands together! so cool that you had the shoot at your alma mater!

  6. I really like the 4th one. They are all fantastic though!!

  7. I like them all! Amazing pictures! My fave is the first one though!

  8. I love them all! Cloudy or not these are some great photos. I love his eye and the two of you are adorable

  9. Reggie is really talented! You and Mychael look fabulous!

  10. I've actually never heard of a male photographer! so strange. but he did an awesome job :) i love them all.

  11. Such pretty pics, Celia! I love them!

  12. Celia ... these pictures are stunning!!!! :)

  13. He is super talented, they came out great! My fave is the 4th to last pic! When planning our wedding (that got postponed) first on my list was photography too!! :)

  14. So cute! I love the first one, in the trees. And the one where you're sitting together holding hands.

  15. I love they way your engagement pictures turned out. They are all so great. :)

  16. ahh these photos are beautiful! congrats!!

  17. I love these pictures! I'm glad you found a photographer that you love. When the wedding is over, all you have left are the pictures, so get some good ones!

  18. Your pics are beautiful! It was such a joy to see them, thanks so much for sharing!

  19. I LOVE engagement photos and y'alls are great so far! My fave is the one of you guys in the trees...I love nature shots. I can't wait to see more!

  20. love love love the 4th and 5th ones; the one from far away;; loooooooove it

  21. Congrats on your engagement! Your photos are very pretty, you both look really happy. I actually didn't have any engagement photos taken and didn't even have a professional photographer. Too cheap! Best of luck.
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  22. I love them all, but my favorite is you sitting and him standing over you as he plants a kiss - or his nose! - on your chin. It is a fun pose, never seen one like that before!

    Congrats and glad you're at #commenthour tonight!

  23. These pics are amazing! Congrats on your engagement. I am pretty sure this is a great time for the both of you. Thanks for sharing with us! #commenthour

  24. Cute photos! I love the one of you guys sitting down holding hands!

  25. I love them all, but numbers 6, 8 and 12 are my faves. :)

    ~Tui (visiting from #commenthour!)


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