Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Birthday Wish

today is my birthday y'all! 
i'm 27! wahoo! 

my birthday wish... 

is for this little girl to have her brain surgery that she needs. 

"This beautiful and sweet little girl is a 1 year old dachshund who was taken to a local shelter shortly after being spayed. Her “family” surrendered her because of “behavior issues". After Greta was spayed she started to cry when touched and would snip at the person touching her. Instead of taking Greta to a vet to determine the cause of these behaviors, Greta was dumped at a local shelter. She was automatically “labeled” as unadoptable due to this behavior. The shelter contacted Rescued Treasures for our help. "

"Greta was immediately taken to a veterinarian who felt that she was suffering from a neurological problem. Greta then saw a series of three neurologist, the first specialist believing that she had a skull malformation that caused fluid build-up and put pressure on her brain and spine."

"The results from the MRI showed a cyst and severe fluid on her brain and spine. Greta was then taken to Long Island for a consultation with a top neurosurgeon who believes that through surgery, the cyst can be removed and further fluid build-up can be prevented. Greta will have a 95% chance of a normal life. If surgery is not done, the prognosis is that Greta will have only a year or two of life while continuing on the medications."

"Thankfully, this wonderful specialist extended a professional courtesy because we are a non-profit rescue group, and has capped the cost of the surgery to $5,000."

I would love for you to join this cause and spread the word! 
I would love for you to visit Greta's page here and give $1, $5, $10 anything that you have to spare 
so that we can raise funds for her to have surgery.


  1. happy birthday!

    Greta's story had me in tears. Thanks for making everyone aware of this sad story. Hopefully we can turn it into a happy ending!

  2. Happy birthday!!!

    Hopefully enough people join together and help little Greta

  3. As a dachshund momma, this story just breaks my heart.

    Of course I'll chip in to help little Greta!

  4. the happiest of birthdays to you, and i hope greta is able to have another bday too.

  5. Happy birthday! (one day late...)

  6. Poor little thing. And happy Birthday!

  7. you are awesome. I'll confess when I read your title I thought "she'll ask for a new purse or a night out on the town", but nope! proved me wrong!

    happy birthday :)

  8. Happy birthday! I'll keep Greta in my prayers!

  9. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! And that you get your birthday wish.

    I donated for Greta. I just wish I could donate MORE. :-( Her story breaks my heart. I'm an animal lover anyway, but as a dachshund mom, her story spoke to me.


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