Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh hi. Inspired...

Happy Friday!!! 

This past week has been a strange one, no? 

I took a little blog break, and I also backed off of twitter a bit. 
Sometimes people make my head spin, and I needed to step away from both worlds,
just for a bit! =) 

During my break I spent some time with Mychael watching movies, 
reading, cooking, chatting, and playing with the kitties. Whee!

I was inspired by two bloggers over the past week & I took a couple funny/redic photos! 

Bitch Face inspired by Mrs. Monologues, see her post here
Which, apparently I failed to follow all directions. I wasn't supposed to look at the camera.
What can I say, I am a rule breaker. Rawr! ;)
Anywho, if you aren't a follower hop on over there now and follow her. 
She is super funny, and snarky. Don't let the snarks scare you, she is a doll! 

Duck Face inspired by Nikki, see her post here.
I can honestly say that I have never done a duck face photo.
I know, I am so behind the times! =P 
I do an awesome, silly, OMG monkey/fish face though! 
Go follow Nikki too! Hurry, go, what are you waiting for?!

Do you have a bitch face or duck face? 
I'm sure I could have taken better of both, but I was inspired and wanted to snap photos quickly.
Please excuse my mess of looks, I just came home from work which meant I was le tired!

One more thing... go here to follow Michelle.
She is one of my IRL friends and the mind behind the Oh, How Pinteresting link up!
She's a pretty big deal, even co-hosted a national comment hour for it.


  1. haha love this hun :) hmm i cant really make the 'duck' face so i suppose to the B** face will do bahaha! hope you have a great friday! xo

  2. Of course I have a bitch face! Its the one I use most often! :)

  3. I have all sorts of faces! What would you like to see?

    LOL. Love both of your faces. YEAH!

  4. haha love the faces. Oh man, sometimes twitter makes me crazy! makes me want to delete it but then thats what the unfollow button is for!

  5. Great post. Love your faces. I would have to say my classic face is the duck face.

  6. lol I love the "duck face." When I coached all the girls would always make those faces when we took pictures at games and stuff. So silly!


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