Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday why do you come so quickly? :o(

The weekend is over!
Who ever came up with the grand idea to work 5 days a week?

This past weekend The Love and I were pretty anti-social.
We have been this way for the past two months!
What is wrong with us? 

Oh well, we love each others company!

I had tinsels put in my hair last week. Just a couple strands. 
COULD NOT get a stinkin' photos to show through!

This past weekend I had my stylist trim my hair and give it some character.
I'm sorry, I'm not one of those girls that can just have her hair all one length.
It just doesn't work for me. It's boring with my face. :o(
So, I was a rebel and had him 
add in more tinsels! Yippee! 
Oh how I love them. 

Drab hair, with tinsels you can't see.

Hair with character and tinsels. Can you see them, on the right?
You can see them better in person.
You can have them put in on top, but I prefer it to be a little more subtle.
Kind of a little sparkle surprise! :o)

I wasn't going to have more put in...
...but I remembered one of my pharmacists telling me to be ME.
No one is going to think ill. I am a sparkly happy person.
Sparkly happy tinsels.
I would have had tinsels put in my hair while I worked in the pharmacy...
...and that job was a lot more "professional" than 
the office I currently work in.

I also fell in the tub on Saturday.
Grace is not my middle name.
Apparently, I'm like an 80yr old when I shower.

This weekend I also went to the H-town Blogger Hotties meet-up!
We met at Max's Wine Dive.
I don't think they usually take larger groups, but we had fun nonetheless. 
I think I was at the best table. I could be a little partial...
Nope. Ours was THE BEST! 

Brynn, me! , Savanah, Michelle

BreanneJennifer, Megan, Lauren
I loved talking with these ladies.
I've linked each of their blogs to their names under the photos.
Go check them out. I'm sure you'll see more photos from the meet-up as well.
I never thought this little blog would bring me to meet such wonderful people in real life.
...others who inspire me to be a better me. :o)

...and just to show it is a very small world! Brynn is actually another UH football season ticket holder!
Yayayayayaya! She recognized me from last football season. Her and her family sit right behind us!

The atmosphere was great. I will definitely bring The Love there.
The food was delish! Everything smelled wonderful!

This was my plate. Believe it or not, I couldn't finish it. Very filling.
Crème Brulee Battered French Toast

...ahhh. I needed a refreshing weekend with wonderful ladies.
I hope all this positivity runs into my work week.
If not, here's to looking forward to next Friday! ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A letter for you my dear...

The Love
Where would I be without you my dear?
You always seem to come to my rescue. 
Whether it's a hug, kiss, 
a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to me...
or just being in the same room with me.

You always make me feel better. 
You keep me from completely falling apart. 

My new career path has been scary. 
I question myself everyday if I made the right choice.
Maybe I should have stayed in the pharmacy.
Maybe I chose the wrong industry to work within.
You stand behind me no matter what I choose. 

You encourage me to finish my degree no matter what it takes.
You'll help me in any way possible to get me there. 
You know it means the world to me!

We're not married yet, but you're already an amazing husband.
In fact you're a better almost husband than most
already husbands.

I love that you are OCD clean.
...and yes, you are OCD clean.
admit it. It's wonderful.

It makes my "job" so much easier.
Even though I leave my stuff in their "they don't belong there" places...
I appreciate everything you do.
...and I may do it sometimes just for the giggles it brings me.
You're kinda cute when you get aggravated.

I love when you wake up in the mornings 
you come over to the guest bath where I am getting ready for work...
hug me sweetly, tightly, and kiss me. 
I love that when I come home, you always no matter what come to give me a big hug,
and a kiss.
You ask me how my day was, and I do the same. 

I LOVE cooking dinner for you. 
I LOVE making you a salad before every meal.
Even though I hate veggies.
Making your food look pretty, because I believe food should look presentable.
I LOVE making sure that you have lunch every day for work. 
A complete meal.

I LOVE baking for you.
I LOVE baking for your co-workers.

I LOVE that our relationship is about a partnership.
I LOVE that our relationship is about a true friendship.
...we both know each other like no other person.
...I can sense the slightest mood change, can do the same.
I know what to do to make your day better...
even if just for the moment.

I am so glad that you love football so much.
I love it too, like a lot! 
I am so glad that you love to be social.
I am so glad that sometimes you just want to spend all weekend at home.
I am so glad that you hate to spend money.
I hate it too! How lucky are we? 
I am so glad that you are everyone's bestfriend.
You've taught me that it's okay to open up to people.

I love you my dear with all my heart. 
I can not wait to walk down the aisle to you next October.
I cannot wait to be introduced as your wife.


Monday, July 18, 2011

glitter on my bum...

photo via
um, yes. i wore these under-roos today. 
why am i sharing? 

oh because i think it's pretty funny. 
i love under-roos that are...

let me share.
i was sitting at work today. 
i noticed glitter all over my chair. 
no earthly idea why. 
the tinsels in my hair? 

that didn't make sense. 
i went to potty.
noticed glitter all over the floor. 

then i noticed glitter flying 
in the air. 
it was my bum! 
my under-roos! 

i came home and changed into some comfy clothes. 
oh hi there glitter all over the floor. 
and the bed. 
doh. my whole backside of my jeans was covered in glitter. 

oh! hi there fiance who probably wants to murder me for all the glitter everywhere! 
...and now there is glitter all over our dust pan. 

if you'd like for there to be glitter everywhere you go... you may go here for your very own glittery bum!

oh. you know what else gave me a giggle today? 
look over there. -->
i have 69 lovely readers. 
69. teehee.

ok. yes. i am immature sometimes.
i thought it was funny. :o)