Monday, December 31, 2012

What I want from 2013.

Hola amigos y amigas! Today is my birthday!!! Have a cupcake for me! =)

I don't necessarily believe in resolutions because I feel like resolutions are always failed. But I do believe in trying to make the next year better than the last. Here are 5 things I want to work on in 2013.
  1. Document our lives. 
    • Blog more regularly, take more photos.
    • I'll be joining in on Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge and this year, this year I am going to stick to it! Join Me? 
  2. Spend quality time with my husband. 
    • I already have our dates planned out and reserved through April.
    • Be that fun loving, carefree, silly girl he fell in love with. 
  3. Travel. 
    • Day trips around the Houston/Galveston area.
    • See more of the great state of Texas. 
    • Work towards visiting all 50 states. 
  4. Do things for me. Be a little selfish.
    •  I started at a younger age than normal putting others needs/wants before my own. ( and I wouldn't change a thing, it made me who I am today) Now that I am at a stage in my life that I can do things for others needs/wants and do things for myself. I want to do things for me without feeling guilty.
  5. Open up. 
    • Let loose a little more. Learn to enjoy myself. 
    • Shake my shyness / be more social. 

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Best of 2012

January: We traveled to Dallas with some of our best friends to watch University of Houston take on Penn State in a bowl game!

March: I took a leap of faith and accepted a position at a new company with a slightly different role!

April: Hard work paid off fitness wise and I was able to fit into my little black dress for a date night with Mychael! I had the opportunity to sit with the President of the Houston Aeros for #AerosGirlsNightOut thanks to the lovely Stephanie Joplin.

August: Linda sparked my interest in Vox Culture. If you know me at all you know that I love to help others. But, I want to know that my money and/or time is being used honestly. Vox uses their money for great causes, and everyone is a volunteer yet treats the organization as if it is their money making job. I went to my first event as their Social Media Voice and fell in love with the people, their causes, and the organization as a whole.

September: I tried on my wedding dress for the final time before the wedding.
October: I married my best friend!!! ...and with the help of a certain blogger, any stresses I had about us having a nontraditional wedding helped our day run smoothly. I'll fill you in on the details when I blog about the wedding.

November: We had our very last tailgate and game at Robertson Stadium. Holding back the tears as they shut off the lights after the last game was hard.

December: We had our very first Christmas as a married couple. =)

What were your best moments of 2012?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I leave you with one of my favorite Trans Siberian Orchestra performances. I hope you're able to spend this holiday with your friends and family!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


HELLO!!!!! Happy Wednesday!

Welcome to The Messy Project Round: 6 !!!!

The Messy Project

 The brain child behind The Messy Project is the ever so lovely, Kelly from Messy.Dirty.Hair. She loves fashion, and if I could afford to pay for her flight and services for a weekend to help me with my next shopping spree I would! I don't think "Wardrobe Counseling" entered into the monthly budget would make the new husband very happy.

So you've been living under a rock and don't know what The Messy Project is? Let me explain.

The Deal: 
1 Top 
5 Girls
5 Different Looks
1 Major Blog Post Day

Kelly wanted a fun new way to interact with bloggers, something completely different than anyone else. Something to get others to put their creative minds to work, and express themselves in a fashionable way. This is when The Messy Project was born!

I love that Kelly doesn't judge, she doesn't care that you aren't a fashion blogger. If you want to participate she's happy to have you. I wasn't scared to receive my item. In fact when I opened my package and it was "something with sparkles" I squeeeeeed in my office. No worries, my company knows that I blog and they know that I have a thing for all things glittery and sparkly.

Then I realized... I've never worn a vest before. Ever. Hmm. I googled ways to wear a vest. I paired it with a t shirt and jeans. Kelly wasn't going to let me get away with it that easily. She said it was cute, but try something a little more dressy.  

Here is what I came up with, and Kelly loved it!
I paired it with a layered spaghetti strap, navy shorts, navy opaque tights (first time wearing tights since I was about 5!), sparkly flats, teal bangles and teal drop earrings!

Now, go visit my partners in crime!!!! 
Tabitha - My Cliffnotes
Carole - Pipley Vintage
and the Queen Bee herself

Not bad for my first time ever! I've already signed up for The Messy Project for October 2013!! I had so much fun with this and by that time my favorite accessory will be back (my super long hair! miss it so much!)

Here is what I learned this round:
  • When Kelly says you can text her and she is happy to help. She really means it. 
  • Pay attention to the weather if you plan on taking pictures outside. I had big plans to have Mychael take my pictures down by the docs but the day of it stormed all day. Had we of taken photos a day earlier the weather would have been perfect. I was so upset. 
  • Have fun, don't stress. I was so wound up, and when Kelly told me she really loved my outfit I felt so much relief!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


What happens when:
  • You wake up feeling ill. 
  • You take medication to make you feel better, but makes you have anxiety.
  • Traffic sucks so you show up late to work. 
  • You're so busy at work that you don't get to take any mini breaks. 
  • Traffic sucks so you get home close to 630p 
  • You and your husband try to shove days worth of conversation over dinner and clean up... 
You feel like throwing everything out the window and saying screw it! We're a bit overwhelmed over here! We will have a surprise for you all just after the New Year! So we are excited for the holidays coming up for two reasons. 1) days off of work! 2) our surprise! 

Now. TOMORROW is the REVEAL of #TheMessyProject !!! I am SO nervous!!! =( I've already signed up for The Messy Project late next year so I know that this is just the beginning of my new turned leaf to fashionista! See you tomorrow!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Its a brand new week.

Hello lovely readers! It's Monday again, bleeeeh.

I'm sharing my holiday nails again with At the Pink of Perfection for #MerryManicures, if you have some festive fingers I'd love to see your pretty nails too so go ahead, snap a picture and link up!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - 30 Red Carpet
JULEP - Bombshell Collection - Cindy


I'm also participating in a new link up today called {5 for Five}. The goal is to list 5 things you wish to accomplish within the next 5 days, then next week recap and set another 5 goals. Lets get started.


1.) I hope to pop out of bed every day at 5am when my alarm goes off. 
I have a nasty habit of resetting my alarm for 520am, then shutting that off and getting out of bed at 615am when Mychael's alarm goes off.

2.) Go running at least twice this week. 
I took two months off running. My legs and feet took a beating, from nasty shin splints (I couldn't even walk back to my starting point of a run), to almost falling down a flight of stairs and scrapping the top of my foot on cement stairs, to banging my foot so hard in to a wall that my toe nail went into my skin.

3.) Start taking any clothes out of my closet that I won't be wearing over the next week or so. 
We'll be renovating our closet over the Christmas break!

4.) Wrap presents. 
I have 99% of my Christmas shopping done... but none are wrapped. This needs to happen... and I need to remember to bring Mychael's presents home from my office. 

5.) Blog all 5 days this week. 
I want to get back into my blogging habits. I need to find a balance of when I can write. I won't take away time from my friends, family, and husband just to be active here, so I need to find that sweet spot of time. =)


Also, lets take a moment to talk about "not everything I tweet is about you". See tweet below. 

I made a typo there should be "help" between can't and but. Oopsies. Here's the deal y'all. I follow about 1700 people. 99.9% of the time I don't view it with my lists, I also don't scroll through to look at every single tweet. I have a job that doesn't allow me to sit on social media all day. Sure I take little breaks here and there and may respond to whichever tweet may be there when I launch the app. 
As bloggers and tweeters you have to have thick skin and you can't think that every single tweet is in direct response to YOUR tweets. I had a friend who thought that it may be towards her. She did the right thing and asked me, allowed me time to respond and that was that. I took a look at her timeline and saw that she was part of a group that was organizing some type of awareness for the school shooting in CT. I didn't really look into it, but great for them.

Then I received a DM from another blogger 
 When I tried to respond, I couldn't. I figured it was just twitter being a pain in the behind and needed to be updated. This wasn't the case, I had been blocked. Wow. I was away from my phone maybe 5 minutes. I was informed this blogger just knew I was talking about her. When I told them she wasn't who I was talking about, especially since I hadn't seen her tweets I was told she didn't believe me. Okay. Since I don't really know her in real life, I just let it roll off my back. I'm not going to shed any tears, or try to beg and plead.  That's just ridiculous.

I was sent screenshots of her tweets from that day and from yesterday. Which, to me just looked like cries for attention. To each their own. (honestly, I don't need screenshots people. i appreciate you trying to look out for me...BUT I don't form that strong of bonds with people I rarely make contact with) I know others were tweeting a message similar to me, if they were talking about her and her group I have no earthly idea. That's their business not mine. Its really a shame that people take things so personally. In my opinion if any one thought I was speaking about them and whatever they were writing, that's their guilty conscience. If I thought every tweet was about me, I'd be a paranoid mess. And a little full of myself....

It seems like this tragedy has created such hostility on Twitter. 
You're a horrible person if you didn't dedicate your whole weekend to tweeting or blogging about what happened. I don't operate that way. I saw people tweeting about being up all night crying, and crying all weekend who have on numerous occasions said they hated children and/or never wanted kids. Makes no sense to me.

I didn't watch ANY coverage on what was going on. (I didn't need to anyway, my whole twitter timeline was full of updates as well as my facebook) I can't stand watching the news about disasters or tragedies. And after having my own horrible experience I know that some people don't want to turn on the TV and have their current issues shoved in their faces.The media goes way overboard.
Now I know that there is a National Day of Silence today by half of blog world, and a National Day of Silence tomorrow by half of blog world. Participate if you want, but don't judge others if they don't. Not everyone has the same beliefs or deals with things in the same way.
I won't apologize for what I tweet. My timeline, my tweets and nothing is ever completely astonishing.

I used to let things on Twitter/Blog world get under my skin. I learned quickly that people pretend to be much bigger in the internet and some people only have this pretend world they have created. Its sad. I'm lucky I'm not one of them. 

That is all. Hope everyone has a happy happy joy joy day! I know I will! Mwah! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

2 months.

Today marks 2 months of married life! I've had our wedding photos back for a little while now and still haven't written our wedding story on here. Boo. I feel like I suck at blogging lately. Do know that I'm not giving up on this little blog of mine, I just haven't felt like sitting at a computer when I come home. Womp womp. 

Someone come and write my blog for me? I'm kidding. On to the reason why I opened this little post up. 

Happy 2 month wedding anniversary Mychael!! How does it feel now that you are stuck with me foreverrrrr? Mwah!

Here are some things that have changed within the last two months. 
  • I legally changed my last name to his. (but professionally speaking I work under my maiden name) 
  • We combined all financial accounts after realizing how much stronger we would be this way.
  • I had a payment kicked back by our bank because my new last name and maiden last name didn't match. Boo-hiss! (pay with a debit card instead of checking account to bypass this. you're welcome.)
  • We were going to combine our auto insurance... but the day before we did, I got into a wreck. Yea... more on that later. 
  • We've attended events as Mr & Mrs and I now get to introduce him as my husband and he gets to introduce me as his wife. 
  • We've found ourselves talking more about children... but we still aren't quite ready for those things yet. 
  • Even though we had been together nearly 8 years, after saying "I do." the relationship feels even more solidified.
Are you married? How did you feel things change? 
Do you have any long term relationship but newly-wedded advice?

Photo by: Fleurish Imagery

Monday, December 10, 2012


Good morning! I've been so busy with everything I forgot that this is my birthday month!! Feel free to send me cupcakes, candy, nail polish, kittens and anything with sparkles. Wheeeee

I'm here today to show off my holiday manicure! 

I love the holidays! LOVE them! Some people express themselves with tattoos and piercings... I'd rather express myself with nail polish, I change my mind way too much!. I don't know about you, but I'm always looking at the hands of others and I think they can tell you a lot about a person. Do you agree? 

As soon as Thanksgiving was over I was ready for some Christmas nails!

OPI Happy Holly Days & Julep Oscar for my accent nail.

I'm not sure if I will do this manicure for Christmas week, I'm thinking I may need some candy cane stripes, or perhaps a little Santa. What do you think?

I'm linking up with At the Pink of Perfection and you should too! Do IT!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 Things

My friend Linda posted this list on her blog and I wanted to give it a shot too. She got the idea here.

12 Things You Should Be Able to Say About Yourself
  1. I am following my heart and intuition. - Yes! Both in my career and in my relationships.
  2. I am proud of myself. - Yes! I haven't been able to finish my degree (yet!), but I've done and continue to do well in my career. On the home front I think I'm a pretty good wifey and was a good wifey before it was even official. I am still there for my parents 24/7, and our door is always open for family and friends when in need.
  3. I am making a difference. - I think so. I mean, I'm not ending world hunger. I try my best to inspire others whether its in blog world, or real life. I make donations where I can because I believe in helping others.
  4. I am happy and grateful. - I am very happy and grateful for the people and things that surround me.
  5. I am growing in to the best version of me. - I try my best.
  6. I am making my time count. - I'm sure I could do more, but sometimes you just need to be.
  7. I am honest with myself.- Yes, probably brutally honest...
  8. I am good to those I care about.- definitely. I don't push people away anymore.
  9. I know what unconditional love feels like. -yes, and its amazing.
  10. I have forgiven those who once hurt me. - some, i don't really carry a grudge but I also know that I don't have to keep people in my life.
  11. I take full accountability for my life. - yes, you have to be independent no one is going to do anything for you and no one owes you a thing.
  12. I have no regrets. - truth. everything i have done, or not done has gotten me to where i am right now. and i couldn't be happier. 

Your turn! 

Isaac Strong

Oh hi there. That's me up there holding a sticky note saying Isaac Strong! If the family is reading this I'm here to say hello, to cheer on your baby boy, and keep him + your family in my thoughts and prayers.

For my family, friends, and readers. Who is Isaac you ask? Well, last night I thought perhaps Isaac Strong was the latest vampire celeb, or rock star. I saw the hashtag in my time line and clicked it. I came across Erin's blog and started to read. My little heart started to ache. You can read her first entry here, and second entry here. I'll wait for you to read and then come back.

Heartbreaking, no? I've read a few entries from his parents online journal and I felt the tears roll down my face. I can't imagine. I'm no a Mom yet, we want children one day. Perhaps this is why I feel I am not ready yet. I love my parents to death and never thought I could love someone just the same. Then I met Mychael and I started to love him unconditionally. I didn't think that was possible. My Mom friends tell me that the love of your child is like nothing you've felt before. How does one deal with a child having cancer? How would I deal with it? Would I be strong enough for my child?

I love that Erin is doing everything she can to shed light on Isaac and his family. Will you do the same?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Birfday Girl

Happy Birfday to my sweet kitty girl, Speedette. She is 10 years old today! When we first brought her in to the house she was extremely skiddish. I love how she has changed. She wasn't a lap cat until a couple years ago, and I enjoy it so much. I think she knew I needed it. Now, even if we have company over, if they are really quiet she will come out and ask for pets. Speedette is super talkative, and wants attention non-stop.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The first time you say goodbye.

Late 2010 was supposed to be such an exciting time for us. We had just bought our first place together. We finally were going to have more than an 11x10 room to call home and our furbabes were going to have an entire condo to call their own. They were happy and claimed all their spots in the house.

I even bought them all stockings for Christmas. Two years ago today, I lost my very first household pet. The kitty that turned my Dad into a cat person, and the old lady cat who showed the mister who was boss. The old lady cat who told the mister that he would like her and love it. She always planted herself in his lap whether he was studying for a big exam or relaxing to watch a movie.

Miss Kitty was my very first indoor pet, and she took a big part of my heart when we had to help her cross the bridge on 11.24.2010. I never knew the heartache I could feel losing one of my furbabes. Cancer really does suck, and the fact that it touches our defenseless furkids sickens me.

Hug your furbabies tight, love them, play with them, and always seek out the best veterinary care for them. The best thing you can do for them is educate yourself.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Letters from the Husband

Does your husband travel for work?

Mine does, usually about once every 4-6 weeks. Up until his last trip I was able to drop him off at the airport. I'm a creature of habit. I thought that I would probably be upset when I didn't get to drop him off. I would leave for work in the morning and then come home to an empty house for about a week.

Mychael would jokingly practice with me, and maybe that helped. I didn't get upset when I left the house that morning but when I came home this letter was taped to the office door.

So sweet, and he knows me so well. I wouldn't say that I enjoy his travels, but instead of moping around the house I'll fire up some girly movies or do some window shopping. I would go out with the girls, but... I'm usually super exhausted when I get home. I giggled and maybe shed half a tear when I read "paint your nails 80 times"

The next time he heads out... I plan on adding more to our Christmas decor. I threatened to make the outside of our condo so bright you can see it from space. Ha! I would need lots of help to do that, any volunteers?

Have a great weekend everyone. We're on our way back to Houston!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving, dear world.

This year, I am thankful for:
  • Two beautiful and healthy kitties. 
  • My new marriage. 
  • My parents.
  • The ability to travel and spend Thanksgiving with The Houcks. 
  • Friends
  • Our jobs.
  • Our condo. (we've been here two years!)
  • Our health. 
  • Smart Phones & Internet.
I could go on and on. 

This is my first Thanksgiving to spend away from my family. It makes me a little sad, but I'm really glad that I am getting to spend it with Mychael's family. We've only been here a couple days and I've been able to sit with his Grandmother, Uncles, and Aunts while flipping through family photo albums and learning about The Houck side of the family. I know this trip was important to him. I've already caught a couple moments for Mychael and hope to catch more before we go home.

This trip has also reminded me how important it is to print out those photos and make albums for generations to come to be able to look back on.

What are you Thankful for? 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The unSimply Life V.3

Happy Tuesday!! I'm not working today, or for the rest of the week!!! Yay!

Here are a few of my favorite things:
For my hands, Carol's Daughter Lemon Ginger Mint Manicure In A Jar 2 oz . It makes my hands super soft and smooth. I feel like I have just received a manicure every time I use it.
For my phone, a case from Luxury Cases for my iPhone 5. My local Apple store and Verizon store don't have cases yet.. so when I tweeted desperately that I needed a case Kelly from Messy.Dirty.Hair came to the rescue. You can read her review of the product here, annnnd she shares some promo codes!
For my body and sanity, Red Bull. We have stayed out late a couple times this past week and although I love me some Red Bull I try my hardest to boost my energy naturally but I was so thankful that Klout sent me a 4pack, it was my life saver!

Last Thursday night we went to Dosey Does for an evening concert with Glen Phillips from Toad the Wet Sprocket and his brother Grant Lee. I loved the venue, it was so cozy and relaxed. We'll definitely be back there again.

I always love the holiday season. It's my favorite time of the year. This year one of our local radio stations has already started playing Christmas music. That makes this girl, super happy! If your local radio isn't playing it yet feel free to go to Sunny 99.1 and listen live.
I am 10000000 times more excited for the holiday season this year because it is our first as a married couple. We really get to establish traditions as The Houcks, and I can't wait. I have to thank Savanah for inviting me out to the Nutcracker Market last year and introducing me to the wonderful ornament lady, I went this year just to visit her booth and get us an official ornament, complete with our two little kitties.
I am also happy for this holiday season because our little furkids are 100% healthy, and that's more than I can say for the last two holiday seasons.

This past weekend Mychael and I took the weekend for ourselves, both individually and as a couple. It was needed. We have been going 100 miles an hour and haven't stopped. We didn't take a vacation after the wedding, and have both been busy with work, friends, life, and just everything in between. We were tired, and were starting to bicker a lot, over anything and everything and we weren't really taking the time to sit and talk like we normally would. We have worked out so well over the years because of our communication. We talk about everything and we tell each other the second we have an issue. That hadn't happened in a while. I felt disconnected, so we took a break from everything and everyone.
Friday night was spent with us talking, both of us crying, and just laying in each others arms. We did find out some bad news regarding family, which for now, I'll just ask if you can keep the family in your prayers until we receive more information late this week. 
Saturday, we stayed around the house, watched the University of Houston game and ordered pizza from Papa Johns. SO good. Then we went out on a date that night, dinner and a movie. Just like old times. I was happy that I was able to put on a sweater. It was finally cool enough to cozy up and put on some boots. We watched saw Skyfall, the new 007 movie. I don't remember seeing any of the previous James Bond movies so I can't compare, but I did love it.
Sunday we had lunch with my parents, watched football, had my windshield replaced, and napped. The weekend was like hitting the refresh button for our relationship. Now we're ready to start our holiday vacation and step away from work (as much as we can) for a little while.

Do you ever need a refresh button for your relationship? 
What are your plans this Thanksgiving?

Monday, November 19, 2012

A special Treat. for you

Monday. Oof. Lucky for me, today is the only day that I'm working. Then I'm off for the holidays for the rest of the week! Yay!!

Have you heard of Treat.?
No, okay well let me inform you. Treat. is Shutterfly's exciting new card brand that makes it easy for people to create and send one-of-a-kind greeting cards. Treat. cards are perfect for holidays, birthdays, congrats, thank yous, and every occasion in between.

Whether you're a stay-at-home wifey, stay-at-home-mom, working girl, or working mom, the days seem to just fly by! The holidays are fast approaching. November just started and now, Thursday is Thanksgiving. Wow!
Your holiday check list just go a wheee bit shorter. Treat. is offering all unSimply Celia readers a FREE card!!! Isn't that so nice of them? So go on and visit their site! Pick out a Thanksgiving card, wish your bestest friend a wonderful holiday birthday, or send a just because card. Have fun!!!

Promo Code: TREATBLOGR - offer good for today and tomorrow only!

</span><strong><span id=

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. As soon as I get off my lazy butt you'll be seeing cards in the mail box all year long!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We love Pink's!

Every home game the mister and I along with our fabulous friends tailgate. Our friend Audra is an event planner extraordinaire! No, no, it isn't her day job. She just loves her Houston Cougars as much as we do, and possibly even more. She is so dedicated to tailgating she's been known to show up before 8am to grab her spot. Dedication! 

This past weekend she wasn't able to use the barbeque pit that her Dad normally brings out. Boo. What are we to do? Then there was the "remember when?" moment. Last year we were tailgating next to Pink's Pizza. They came over and asked us if we would like some pizza and I thought sure, pizza is pizza. Grabbed myself a piece and oh my goodness. This wasn't just pizza. It was delicious! Pink's doesn't just do your ordinary pizza they have 11 specialty pizzas! ELEVEN! They also have sandwiches, pasta, and salad in case you're not in the mood for pizza (in that case I would wonder who you are and why we are even friends!). So be sure to check out their menu!

 While Mychael and I were out looking for wedding venues we saw one and had my stomach not been full already we would have been sitting our behinds in that Pink's. Because, you know, food > wedding planning. Anywhoodle. Getting side tracked. Our group got together this weekend and enjoyed some delicious Pink's Pizza courtesy of their North Shepherd location and we had the pleasure of meeting up with Ken who was super fab! 

This is our last season at Robertson Stadium, and speculation is that next year we will be playing at Reliant Stadium (home of the Houston Texans) so we are trying our best to make these last couple tailgates end with a bang and make tons of memories! 

Pictured above: Shellie from Terribly Lovely 
 Be sure to connect with Pink's Pizza if you're in the Houston area, and if you're not... next time you come to town give me a ring and we'll have a Pink's Pizza date!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1 month

Today marks one month since Mychael and I got married! Wheeeeee! Last night our photographer sent us the link to our web gallery!!!! Ahhhh I was so excited and our disk should be arriving soon also! I can't wait to share photos with y'all! She did such an amazing job and caught little moments that I wasn't even aware of! Love love love!

and here

is a

sneak peek

of ...


Photo by: Fleurish Imagery

now to order thank you cards, christmas cards, and picture pictures, and photos for the wall...and so much more!!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The unSimply Life V.2

Boooo its Monday! Blech. Soooo you wanna know what I've been up to? Maybe? Yes, no? Oh well, you're getting a photo dump anywhoodle!

Kitty cuddles are always a must. Pictured above is our little girl, Speedette. She's become more of a cuddler over the past two years (since losing our other two furbabies) and I love it! She doesn't cuddle at night but if I'm covered in a blanket on the couch she will hop right up and snuggle with me.
I love to cook at home, I'm the biggest advocate of eating a fresh home cooked meal but boy oh boy after coming home from work after being gone for almost 12hrs sometimes a girl needs a break! Have any of your had Hobbit Cafe in Houston? It is delish! I usually go for the Avacado Burger, this time Mychael had the Lamb Burger and said it was very yummy. I'm pretty sure Panera has the best tomato soup! We went out a couple weekends ago to my favorite restaurant and rarely do we have dessert when we go out but this time I ordered the Tres Leches Cake...yuuuuummm!!
The football season is coming to an end, sadly it is our last season at Robertson Stadium. Although I am excited for our university to have a new stadium there are so many memories at Robertson. I can't promise you I won't cry at the end of our last home game in a couple weeks. Our team has been getting their tails whipped this season, its been a rough year to be a Houston Cougar, regardless I still cross my fingers every game that they will get their act together and have some amazing chemistry out on the field. At least we have great friends...
I made Chicken Stuffed Shells and Cheesy Beef Enchiladas this past week. Yum yum, I have received requests for recipes on both and I'll post them this week.
I still love my job! I have been here for 8 months already! It seems like just yesterday that I walked into my old boss's office to hand in my 2 weeks notice, scared out of my mind and wondering if I made the right decision. I don't about y'all but pretty pens make me do my job better.
I've been doing some online shopping for the holidays!! If you haven't joined ebates, you need to! It's like getting paid to shop and they give you promo codes to help you save even more money! Yesterday we bought some clothes online that should have cost us about $400 and we paid about $200 for them... that's not counting the cash back we will receive.
...and let me just say. I am so excited that the election is over. I don't think I could take all the annoying tweets. Surprisingly my Facebook feed with all my real life friends was pretty quiet. It was Twitter that I had to unfollow, mute, and roll my eyes at. Both republicans and democrats were bashing each other equally and claiming they were appalled at the other side. Oh em gee. Now... if we can just get past all the bashing of our President. Then again, no matter who won, someone would have something to say. Rawr!
Cupcakes anyone?

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Mommy Makeover

Yesterday I mentioned to y'all that Shellie would be on the news last night, well here's her story!

So inspirational! I'm so happy for her, and I can see that she is so much more confident in her day to day life. 

You know, I'm not a Mom yet... and part of my fears in having a child is that my body will be completely wrecked. Stretch marks aren't that big of a deal to me, I already have some from my gosh dern big hips. What scares me is saggy skin or boobies. I know they say that you should still love your body because you bared a child, I just want to make sure that my husband still gets excited when I take my clothes off. Happy Mom, Happy Wife, = Happy Life and Happy Child.
I watched Shellie go through this procedure and the recovery wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. She was out having sushi with us a couple days after surgery! Now knowing if diet and exercise doesn't get me to my goals, there is another option is so easing for my mind.

If you're a Mom and are unhappy with your body, talk to Shellie. She doesn't hold back and can recommend a great doctor! 

Be sure to check out her post today, she shared before and after pictures. Brave brave woman!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

You better be skinny...

for my wedding, is what I told Shellie. I'm just kidding, kinda, maybe... of COURSE I'm kidding y'all!

My friends and I are very self-aware of our bodies and strive to be lean, fit, glowy, and healthy (most of the time). But sometimes, you need a little help.

Tonight KTRK will be airing their "Mommy Makeover" special and your fellow fiery blogger, Shellie, is the focus!

Tune in tonight at 10PM (CST) !!

Would you ever go under the knife for beauty? I would.

**updated 11/9/12**
See the news story here.
Updated post here.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I voted for...

Oh my word, y'all! I am so flippin exhausted. I feel like I have been hit by a truck. Multiple times. Oof.
I feel like I can't catch a break. Work actually expects me to work, and well apparently the food at home isn't going to cook itself and our house won't clean itself either! I wonder if anyone would notice if we just disappeared for a week...
Oh and can someone please tell my blog to write itself too? That would be fabulous!
Hope you're having a great day, and if you're registered to vote that you voted for whichever candidate you truly believe in. Best of luck to them both!
 Oooooh I almost forgot. You'll want to visit Messy.Dirty.Hair, I have something fabulous over there for you so scroll around.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Help me help those affected by #Sandy

Well y'all I don't watch the news very much anymore. I avoid it as much as I can. I get my news from Twitter and Facebook and by word of mouth from friends and family.

Sandy has hit the East Coast and much like Hurricane Ike... places were flooded and damaged before she even arrived. I know how this feels first hand.

If I had a million dollars I would give it to those who have been affected by Sandy, but I don't and I will try my hardest to help those I know are in need. I want to do more. Well, this little blog of mine sometimes brings in a little bit of cash here and there. I don't tend to push it very hard. It is always a nice little surprise though.

If you purchase an ad from me through the end of the year for November/December all proceeds will go to those affected by Sandy. If the ads go further and into 2013 then whoohoo they get more money! :)

Tell your friends!

For other ways you may help check out after nine to five!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The unSimply Life V.1

Since I haven't been able to post as often there are lots of photos that have made it to instagram but not my blog, or some which haven't made either. So here is what I have been up to!

Dining out, and home cooked meals. From the very bad food that will make your health fanatic friends have a heart attack at first sight to delicious healthy meals. We like a little variety in our house. You only live once, enjoy your foods. No regrets.
I locked my keys in the car. Or should I say, the mister did it. Maybe YOU should be the judge. I locked my keys in the glove box the night before when we went out. The next morning the mister moved my car and put the keys in the door, locked it and left. BOTH sets of keys were now locked in the car. Who was at fault? Me, or him? You be the judge.
Football with our favorite friends, trying on my wedding dress and final alterations, if only I could have put on about half an inch in height.
Volunteering with Vox Culture as their social media voice and trying to promote them as much as I can. It's a little bit different than promoting your own blog and yourself.
We got married, hung out at our favorite local pub, and had a small reception the next day. I got a crazy bug in me and decided to chop off 7 inches of my hair, which I now miss. I'm doing the best I can to embrace it though. Next time, tell me to add high lights, someone!
We've sorted through presents and have had our dear kitties there to get in the way while we are trying to clean up. We watched our friend, Mallory get married.
Attended our first events as husband and wife. We attended Mallory's wedding and ceremony in Galveston with our college friends. We realized that we have been friends with these girls for about 5yrs! Went to our first UH game as husband and wife... and probably our first game ever sober! (ha!)

Off to work I go. Have a great day y'all!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Coca-Cola Freestyle!

It's no secret that I love sodas, specifically Coca-Cola products. I was brought up in a household with a Mom who only bought coca-cola products. That's serious brand loyalty right there. Mychael and I were also very lucky to get an exclusive plant tour of the very first Coca-Cola bottling facility! I would have shared photos with y'all but they told us no cameras were allowed. I did come home with a nifty blanket for my Momma though.

Mychael and I cook most of our meals at home, but we do allow ourselves to dine out a couple times a week. One day we went into our local Fuddruckers (I had never been to one) and we saw this machine.

I may have been a little star struck. This is the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine. What is that? you ask. Let me explain. Each Freestyle machine has a full-color touch screen that allows you to choose over 100+ different brands, including flavors and sodas not available anywhere else; there is literally something for everyone. From sodas and energy drinks to flavored waters and juices, the Coke Freestyle machine has it all.  

No matter what you are in the mood for, they've got you covered! Mychael's go to is usually Barq's Root-beer and for me... I love me some Cherry Coke! Hi-C is definitely a close 2nd! I love all the options, it is always a bummer when you go somewhere and they don't have the drink you're craving.

Click here to find the nearest dining spot with a Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine. You can also go here to find where the Coca-Cola Freestyle Truck will be! For my local friends here are a few events coming up that you can check out.

  • November 4th: Houston Texans vs Buffalo
  • November 10th: University of Houston vs Tulsa!!<-- I'll be there!!!!!
  • November 18th: Houston Texans vs Jacksonville
Find out more about Coca-Cola freestyle... Website / Facebook / Twitter / Events

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, I truly do have an obsession with Coca-Cola products. Ask my family!