Thursday, January 5, 2012

ITS OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays


you should know what this is all about by now... so let's get this part-ay started. 


...that the main reason why I am doing this post is to get Amber and Neely to 100 link ups! ;) I love these two girls and think you should be following them both! 

...that I think you should start working on your post and link up RIGHT NOW!!! have just taken almost 2wks vacation over the holidays, and not once did you sit on your toosh. :( what happened to vacations ACTUALLY being restful? be super short fused because you are feeling super sicky today. tell your hubby-to-be that you want to go home, cuddle with the blankets, lay on his tummy and not say a word! ...and he says okay. =) be super excited that there is going to be something super fun on the blog next week!! want to scratch some people's eyes out because they call you out on twitter for unfollowing their twitter account. i'm sowwy but now i just think you are pathetic and i am not refollowing. be oh so happy that we booked our ceremony site (with scentsy money!!) while on vacation! whee! kinda sorta in a way, oh who am i kidding... i want a mariachi band at our wedding!! they are so fun!
we'll see though, i don't want it to be weird. =) admit you never really watched friends until recently, and now are wondering why you never watched it before?!?! 

the end. 


  1. Yay for booking your Ceremony site! That is so exciting!!! And I hope you get to feeling better!!

  2. Oh gosh-- yes, you need to get on Friends ASAP!! Best show ever. :)

    And congrats on booking your ceremony location!

  3. I loved Friends!

    Your kick-ass for booking your site with Scentsy money! That is pretty awesome!

  4. Congrats on booking the site and I say to go with the mariachi band. Who cares if something thinks it's weird - it's YOUR wedding

  5. yahoo! another thing checked off the list!

    oh girl, go buy all 10 seasons of friends. Totally awesome and you WILL LOVE THEM!

  6. yess i have all 10 seasons of friends bahah sooo worth it!

  7. I watched tfriends back in the day but we still watch reruns nightly

  8. Oh Friends is amazing. I think I get more of a kick out of it now than I did back in the day although I loved it then as well.

  9. Friends is my favorite!!!! How in the heck did you never watch them? I have all 10 seasons on DVD!!


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