Thursday, January 12, 2012

...sometimes you just wake up sad

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Today I seem to have a case of the sads.
Do you ever feel that way?

I just woke up this morning feeling this way.

Anyway. A little update. My parents think they may have a place that qualifies for the assistance they need.
This makes me oh so happy, but at the same time I'm reluctant to let myself be happy.
What if it falls through? They already have their hopes so high up, I don't want them to be let down.

My parent's birthdays are this weekend! I had the perfect gifts selected for them! I knew they would love them. But when they told me they had to move... they said they need an electric washer and dryer...
Therefore I figured their gifts could wait and I could help them buy a new washer and dryer.
If anyone locally (houston) has a set or knows someone selling a set super cheap please let me know. We're on the lookout! =/ **UPDATED** my parents are also looking for a full size bed, and a lawn mower for the new place.

Mychael called me... he had some bad news.
Nothing that affects us directly, but family members, and I really hope everything works out for the best.
I know things will work out for the best. Everything happens for a reason... right?

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  1. Yep, I can relate to a case of the sads ... I love you girl & hope everything works out the best way possible for your parents ... If you need to vent/talk I'm here ... and if you want me to sing for you again so you can laugh at my horrible voice I totally will! :) xoxoxoxo

  2. I just sold my washer and dryer to Tara!!!

  3. hope your day gets better!
    and i'll be saying prayers for your parents that everything falls into place :)

  4. I'm sorry you have the sads :(
    Yesterday was sort of a day like that for me so I know the feeling

    Perk up buttercup & remember you are loved!

  5. Hope the sads go away soon! :(

  6. I'm so sorry I hope things look up soon!

  7. I hope you snap out of it soon. Going outside always helps me.

  8. sorry the day hasn't been the best! i found your blog through ms meg who is one of my absolute favorites! i'm so excited to be a new follower and am looking forward to the valentine's swap!

  9. Chin up! I'll be praying for the needs of you and your family to be met. :)

  10. I wish I would have known about the bed sooner...we just gave ours to a friend! I hope things look up for you soon!

  11. New follower here (came over from My Vickilicious Life to check out your V-Day Swap - which I'm super excited about btw)!

    I have days like this every once and a while too, so I know exactly how you feel. Sending positive thoughts your way, hope it passes quickly! :)

  12. I wake up with days like this all too often and it sucks! I really hope today is lookin' better! Keep your chin up :)


  13. I hope everything works out for you and your family!


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