Monday, January 9, 2012

Working Girls

Happy Monday y'all! 
Today I am telling you how I became a millionaire what exactly it is that I do for a living. 
Click the button up top and head on over to Nikki's blog!

Interested in telling your working girl story? Send Nikki a message!

Have a great week! Don't forget to check the blog daily. 
A couple of us bloggers have teamed up and something super fun will be announced!


  1. I'll have to read it! Can't wait to see your surprise!

  2. Loved learning about your job, miss celia! Excited about the surprise! :)

  3. Oh! I loved learning about your job! I would maybe be interested in telling my working girl story ... gotta give it some thought!

  4. Loved reading your guest post but felt like leaving the comment here instead.
    I work in a man's field as well and it's alright but not my favorite.
    You inspire me with your Scentsy goals!!

  5. Can't wait for the announcement!!

  6. This is a great idea!! I left a comment over there and told her I'd love to tell about all my nursing stories ;) haha! Glad i got to read more about what you do!


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