Monday, February 13, 2012

8 months to go!

Today marks 8 months until our wedding day.
8 months until I get to slip into my dress and walk down the aisle to my best friend, the man I love more than anything or anyone in the entire world! We are both beyond excited! There is still sooo much more to do before our big day, but that's okay we are doing it together!

This weekend wasn't one of our best weekends, unfortunately. We both made each other feel miserable, something I never ever want to do. We both got angry, we both cried, we were both confused but we both worked through it. At the end of the day we will both do whatever it takes to make sure that this relationship works. At the end of the day we both love each other so very much and couldn't imagine our lives without each other.

We never go to bed angry. I love that about us.

I know there will be so many other not so great moments, we have had them in the past, and I don't look forward to the ones in the future.

Don't you just wish you could push a button and fast forward through all that? I mean reaaaallly what is the point? I know every couple has little bumps in the road here and there. I just like our life to be full of sparkles, hearts, air kisses, puppy dogs and kitties!

We did complete one of our wedding registries this weekend! THAT was fun! Can't wait to do our next one! I'll have a fun post up in the next couple weeks. =) Mychael was so excited he thought I would have it up this week!


  1. Registering was so much fun!!! 8 months is gonna fly!!!

  2. I LOVE that you are honest about this little bump in your relationship this weekend- even if you didn't go into details. I feel like the blog world makes relationships and life seem a little unreal sometimes- I do the same thing. I try to stay positive and focus on only the good. But let's face it, there will be hard times, we all go through it. I've had a rough few days with my fiance lately too, but like you, we work through it! Congrats on tying the knot in 8 months! We haven't set a date yet, but I know that once we do, I will be counting down the days too!

    Hope you have a great week!!!

  3. I'm sure these 8 months will fly by! We also make it a point not to leave each other mad. If we have an argument before I leave, I make sure we resolve it so we don't have to go to bed mad.

  4. So excited for you, only 8 more months! I too thinks it's great you're honest about those bumps and snags that come up, but you get through them and love each other through it and that is the important thing! Your relationship is stronger because of it - truly believe that!

  5. Oh yes, I can relate! Planning our wedding was a little...challenging. Hubs and I are very different at times. But whatever it is you got past only makes you stronger! These 8 months are going to FLY by

  6. the eight months will definitely fly by! I remember when I was counting down, eight months felt like eternity but now here I am 25 days away from our big day! So happy for you two =]. All those bumps in a relationship are entirely worth it, it only makes the relationship stronger and all those amazing moments stand out even more.

  7. it'll be here before you know it!!

  8. Time flies by so fast!!!! Registering has been my favorite part of getting married.

  9. It happens to everybody & learning to get through the bad times together is more important than enjoying the good times. Wedding planning is so stressful & you will have other fallouts over the next few months, but step back, calm down, remember the only thing that really matters is you are marrying the one you love.


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