Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy 1yr Engagement Anniversary

Happy FRIDAY!!!!

OMG y'all! One year ago today, Mychael asked me to marry him!!! Ahhhh I still can't believe it. I still gaze at my ring almost daily. Do you ever stop looking at yours? He did a guest post for me on the blog here and told our engagement story. 

Let me tell you something, I seriously thought we would be breaking up soon. I didn't know why. He had just started acting a little out of character. Who knew that I would come home from work on day, head out for a quick bite to eat only to come home and have him pop the question??? 

I asked him recently how he knew that he was going to ask me. I mean, we have had conversations about marriage and what we wanted one day in our future but nothing about right here and right now. Every one of my friends will tell you that I was completely happy just being his live in girlfriend. I, personally, have issues with commitment. Yea, this little Ms. Betty Crocker has commitment issues. You know that girl in high school that you tell all your friends to stay away from because she will break your heart? Yup. That was me. Even his best friend told him "I don't know Mykie" when he told her I was his new girlfriend. I broke up with guys as many times as they would let me. Who cared, they were the idiots that took me back each time. ;) Mychael said he just woke up one morning, and it felt right. He knew he was going to ask me to marry him. 

 I remember thinking it wasn't real. I remember asking him "are you sure". I remember being super excited to tell my parents, and my close friends and family. I remember Mychael changing our Facebook status before I had a chance to call my parents. Insert panic.
Mychael says that an Engagement Anniversary isn't a real anniversary, but it is to me. =) It is a special day I will always remember. 

Happy 1yr Engagement Anniversary, SweetPea!!!
Who knew it would be possible for this girl to fall so deeply in love. I love you more and more as each day goes by. I can't wait to see your face in the morning when I wake up. I love to watch you sleep. I love when you fall asleep in my lap as we watch movies on the couch. I look forward to cooking dinner for you, or packing your lunch for you. I love to bake your favorite desserts. I can't wait to come home to you each night and it makes me a little sad to leave you in the morning for work. I am unbelievably blessed to have found such a caring & strong man who overlooks my flaws. Lord knows I have them. I am so glad that you took the time to listen to me, and teach me that showing my feelings was okay. You taught me that it's okay to cry, it's okay to show people that you are hurt, and it's okay to show people that you love them. It's okay to let your walls down. You taught me that I didn't have to be the strong person all the time. I can't wait to grow more with you.
I truly cannot wait to be your wife!  

See more of our photos here and here

Do you celebrate your engagement anniversary? Do you still remember it like it was yesterday? Feel all those same emotions?  


  1. We got engaged on our dating anniversary so we still celebrate it...2 birds one stone :)

  2. I'm the same way! I've already broken up with my boyfriend twice in the past two months and he keeps coming back. They're quite perfect to keep coming back like that! I can't believe he changed it on facebook before you could tell your parents! I don't know what I'd do! I hope yall have an amazing time on your fake holiday. :)

  3. HAPPY 1 Year!!!!! We celebrated our 1 year engaged anniversary! It was so fun!!! It was the day before christmas so everyone was around and we started looking at pictures from the night we got engaged. So sweet.

  4. Happy engagement anniversary!!

  5. Lovely photos - you are so beautiful :) Such a cute post too...happy 1 year engagement anniversary!!!!! SO CUTE <3

  6. he proposed to me on his bday so i suppose every year we celebrate him and us! cute post!

  7. I love your pictures! You look so peaceful and at ease :) Congrats on your anniversary!


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