Friday, February 3, 2012


I'm back y'all!!! 

You didn't think I would stay away that long did you? I'm lucky enough to have amazing blog and twitter friends, some of which have turned into my real life friends. You can't let one little person tear you down when you have lots of others who love you. 

I think this blog post by the lovely couple at Young House Love is something we all need to read. This is about blogging but can transfer over to Twitter. Soak it in. It helped me with my little issue I was dealing with.

You know what I do now to little nasty emails? 
I just simply hit the delete button, I don't even acknowledge them. 
What do I do if they email again? Delete again

Twitter, I have no fear in unfollowing now. Trust me, if people want to raise h-e-double hockey stick because you unfollowed them... you didn't need to follow them in the first place. If they keep harassing you, there is a nifty little block button there. 

It's finally Friday and I am super excited for the weekend. Double date with one of my fave bloggers turned real-life friend. More gym time this weekend, I have been really consistent and show a tad definition! Whoohoo!  A hockey game with one of our besties, and we get to go on the ice after the game... ahhhh!!! Let's hope I don't bust my butt.

Have a fabulous weekend! 
Tell me, what are your plans? 


  1. Hope I didn't get cut.... :)
    Glad your back girl...don't let mean people get to you, they are aren't that important.

  2. Glad you're back! I loved keeping up with the updates and I voted for you and your fiance on facebook. You more than deserve it!

  3. Glad you're back! I heartz you lots!!!! :)

  4. YAY!!!!! Glad you didn't let it get you down. Not even worth it!!

    Yay double date, too! :)

  5. glad you're back! sorry to hear about the mean people :(


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