Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh how I miss you...

UH Baseball
I bought Mychael season tickets to UH Baseball this year. I LOVE being out at Cougar Field. We try to go to at least one weekend game. As I sit there though I also realize I miss UH Football.

I also realized this weekend that I have been a horrible photographer for our group, and when I have taken photos I have sucked at uploading photos. My camera was screaming at me to take photos off of it. I came upon some photos from one of our last games during UH Football...and I shall share them here. 
Live football with me again, briefly?

Mychael and me + our friend Matt in the background. Don't ask about the stache, I'm glad it's now gone.

The OTHER team challenged us in beer pong...

The good guys.

me, Audra, and Shellie

The 3 most beautiful flags you'll ever lay eyes on.
Audra and her hair

Mychael being his nutty self

Shellie & Moose...
Dinner after the game, mexican food and Margaritas became our tradition!

We recently found out that there will be a football game on our wedding day!!!!!! We have only missed 1 game since '06... and that was because of stupid Calculus homework... ugh don't get me started. Anyway, we don't plan on missing this game either!!!! I'll be out there in my wedding dress cheering on my Coogs... I'm just praying the game will be in the evening! =) I am beyond excited!!! 

I'm promising myself, right here and right now that I will be better at taking photos and posting. Pinky promise to me! =)

Do you have a sport/activity that you are absolutely head over heels for?


  1. Please please please take pics of you cheering on your team in your wedding dress! That will be the cutest thing ever! That's some serious dedication girl! :)

  2. I'm mad about football, too. :) I'm an NFL fan, though . . . can't wait for my Saints to get back on the field this fall! Your friend Audra has AMAZING hair! And Mexican food + margaritas is an incredible idea ANY time. :)

  3. YAY for baseball season! But I really can't wait until football season again!

  4. Haha I think it's AWESOME you're going to go out there in your wedding dress!! BADASS!


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