Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our vision for our wedding day

You always hear people say that your wedding day is one the most memorable days in your life. When you get engaged people tell you to make sure that you do everything you ever wanted for your big day. 

We are doing just that. We have had marriage and wedding conversations many times throughout our almost 7 years together. The one thing that has never changed is that we want a small and intimate wedding. We hope to have about 50 people max for our wedding. There will be many of our family and friends left out of our big day, but... it is our day and we would love to enjoy it and be able to speak with each and every one of our guests for more than a minute before being dragged off somewhere else.

How cozy is this?

We have already booked our ceremony site. It holds about 50-60 people and is a small local garden. We are so excited about it. Our ceremony will be held in the morning.

As for our reception site, nothing has been determined yet. We are a college football couple and are waiting for the Houston Cougar football schedule to be finalized. We haven't missed a home game since 2007...

We have contemplated not having a reception at all... we have contemplated having a brunch reception, then having another fun reception out at a bar in Houston with our college friends, then heading out to the football game with me and my girls still in our dresses. We have thought about having our reception hours later and if the game was away having it aired wherever we book.

One of our friend's parents have offered up their back yard for our reception site, it overlooks the local creek! We have also found a really nice little park, the only down side is no alcohol is allowed... which honestly doesn't bother me at all. We also have inquired with on of our favorite restaurants to use their room upstairs.

So much up in the air right now.

Upstairs room of restaurant taken with phone

What do you think of our intimate vision?

Any suggestions for us?


  1. just do what makes YOU (and M) happy! people that aren't invited WILL be tacky and send you ridiculous facebook messages like, "i was just thinking about how awesome your wedding was...oh wait, i wasn't invited". YES, that happened to me. one of my THIRD COUSINS even called my grandma the week after my wedding asking why she wasn't invited. really?! leave my grandma outta this! and really, it makes me happy that i didn't invite people that are gonna act like that.

    anyway, your day will be perfect... no matter what happens. because that's the day you will marry your soulmate.

    and goodluck with the football schedule, i'll be crossing my fingers for you :)

  2. So beautiful! I love the idea of an intimate wedding and having your closest friends and family. I love the idea of having the fabric over the tree like that. It's absolutely precious!

  3. Love the pictures! I love that your having an intimate wedding! It will be beautiful because it will be a reflection of you and your fiancé!

  4. SO MUCH BEAUTY IN ALL OF THAT!! :) Great photos. I love the idea of an intimate wedding...means everyone being there will feel that much more connected with you both :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  5. Pretty! I love the idea of the outdoor reception with all the strings of lights overhead! That will be so amazing!

    Suggestion- make sure you have a back up in case it rains :( It happened at my sister's wedding and we had to move the whole thing inside and have her ceremony on a stage!

  6. I love all of this! We just recently booked a venue for next year for our wedding of 25 people (us included). This leaves out MANY in both of our huge extended families, but you are so right. This is our day. We want to enjoy it. And we want it to be special and intimate.nwe will be going back to our hometown at a later date for a huge reception though haha.

    Good luck! These ideas are lovely!!

  7. I'm sure you will find the perfect place for your reception. I love those pics of the outdoor one.

  8. i love it... i love the outdoor with lights.. thats kind what i want!!!

  9. I love it ((: outdoor weddings are my favorite!

  10. Wow, the picture of the really long table with the lights, that's so cool!!!
    I love outdoor weddings!

  11. I had a small intimate ceremony as well, 35 people and it was perfect. We got married late morning and then had a lunch reception at a cafe. I loved every minute of it.

  12. That sounds like the perfect wedding plan to me. I would have loved to had a wedding like that.


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