Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Swap Reveal

Happy Monday folks!
It's time to reveal your partners and the goodies you received. We had so much fun planning this, and I don't know about you but I had a blast learning about my partner! =) She is basically ME ...and that's pretty gosh darn fabulous! I'm kidding, but she was a really great swap partner and I felt like I was shopping for myself.

Here are the goodies I received!

There may or not may be some candy missing from the picture that I may or may not have gobbled up as soon as I opened the package. You can't prove a thing! I've already busted into those pens and write with them at work, my note pad looks so pretty! I have already used the socks to keep my feetsies warm! I LOVE the notepad and it will get great use, I like to use them for my grocery shopping.

Who was my super awesome swap partner you ask?
Cami from First Day of My Life!
She is super sweet, and I may get to meet her if she comes to Houston!!!
You should probably head over to her blog right about... now :-)

Now, it's your turn! We want to see what you received from your super fab partner!!


  1. I love fuzzy socks!! I think I have a pair for every holiday :)

    And I totally had to get a picture fast so I could gobble up my candy. So I know how that goes!

  2. aw, so cute! I love the stuff my swap bud sent too! Those socks are too cute! Thanks for hosting :)

  3. omg i love socks!!! give them to me!!!

  4. Cami got you some great stuff! Love it!!

  5. Such cute stuff! Thanks for hosting! It was super fun!!

  6. I love those socks! They look so comfy. Thanks for hosting the swap, I really enjoyed it! =]

  7. Those are my absolute FAVORITE socks ever!!!! I wear them every night!!! I don't care who reads that, I'm not ashamed!!! LOL!!!!!!! And i really like those pens, too!

  8. I love Socks!! Your package looks so fun!

  9. So you are great and powerful "CELIA" in the swap, eh?? ;) Nice to meet you. :)

    I can only echo the love for the socks.-- They are FAB.

  10. I too ate a few pieces of candy before they could be photographed! But it was chocolate so you can't blame a girl right ;) Thanks again for this fun swap!

  11. You can't go wrong with Valentine's candy! :)

    Thanks for hosting this awesome swap!

  12. I am also on the fuzzy sock train. and totally random, but I really love the font of the headlines on your blog!!


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