Wednesday, March 28, 2012


 Here is your chance to learn a little about me! I found this via Jess, you should head over to her place right after this!

I Am... a lover and a fighter.
I Want... to be married already! =)
I Have... such an amazing Fiance and family!
I Wish... that I knew all the right turns to take.
I Hate... when people are being two-faced.
I Hear... every single sound and swear someone is trying to break into the house when Fiance isn't home.
I Search... for the stars?
I Wonder... if I have made my parents proud.
I Regret.... nothing
I Love... Mychael and the furkids!
I Ache... never? Perhaps when I am le sicky!
I Always... try to be the best person I can be!
I Usually... want to just come and and sit on my toosh, but I head to the gym instead!
I Am Not... your typical girl.
I Dance...when it is just me and Mychael.
I Sing… when I am by myself and when I need to make someone laugh. It's that bad!
I Never... say anything behind your back that I couldn't say to your face.
I Rarely... stay up past midnight.
I Cry... when I am happy, mad, and sad.
I Am Not Always... a people person, sometimes I just want to sit in peace and quiet!
I'm Confused.... as to why people can't just be nice to each other and encourage each other.
I Need... there to be more hours in the day!
I Promise.... to stay true to myself, and document my journey through out life, right here.


  1. I love love love this ... I want to do my own post! And I hate two-faced people also :(

  2. That's cool! I might try this too.

    I also am very afraid of home invasions when the hubs isn't home. :)


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