Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I finally own a...

For Valentine's Day Mychael bought me a James Avery charm bracelet & a Texas charm. I know, I know most people have had one since junior high. I always liked them, but never cared to own one. When Marco passed away my MOH bought me a little kitty JA charm. Perfect reason for me to own one. Mychael did a great job selecting the perfect bracelet for me. It's very dainty.

JA Bracelet and Texas Charm from Mychael, Kitty charm from my friend.

Yesterday would have been Marco's 17th birthday. I don't think I will ever get over his or his Mother's death, but I am working hard everyday to let my guard down and allow myself to bond with my other two kitties. I know that they have many years ahead of them and I will grow a bond with them that is just as strong. 

Marco engraved on the charm
Currently JA only has one kitty charm, I am on the look out for another one so that I can have it engraved with "MK". I admit when I first went into the store I felt like the people there were snooty. The last time I was there I met a lady named Rita, she was a breath of fresh air. Rita is an older lady and unbelievably sweet. I learned that she holds a bachelors degree, and two masters degrees! She was a former principal and currently teaches at a local university! Wow! Her outlook on life was just so inspirational. She truly touched my soul. I'm giddy to buy/receive more charms for my bracelet (partially so I can go back and have another conversation with her). I know so many people who own them and can tell me a story for each charm they have. Do you have a JA bracelet? When did you receive yours? What is the most cherished charm that you own? Have you ever met someone who truly touched you when you least expected it?


  1. Love your charm bracelet! What a cool way to remember special occasions by purchasing new charms!

  2. Cute bracelet - but I've never heard of it! Is that a Texas thing? I mean, obviously heard of charm bracelets, but not that specific brand.

  3. Furkids are the best. HUGS <3

  4. I'm sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is never easy. :(
    That bracelet is beautiful.


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