Friday, March 2, 2012

Nail Files V

The Nail Files

People have asked me about the nail polish club that I posted about here. I received my 2nd package a couple weeks ago and I loved everything I received once again. 

Essie - Hard to Get
Essie - Red Nouveau
A pretty glass nail file
M-A-C - Vintage Vamp

I have already used the Red Nouvea and loved it. The color was a little redish-orange. Currently I am wearing the M-A-C nail polish, it didn't go on as smoothly as I would have liked and chipped a bit after just one day.

Have you signed up for the Nail Polish Club?
What is your favorite brand of nail polish that just seems to go on smoothly and last forever?


  1. another awesome box! so tempting!

  2. That color is great! Super jealous of your box!

  3. I joined the nail polish club also! I got the same file, and two essie polishes, but no MAC polish. Although I guess I don't mind if it's not something to get too excited about!

  4. What an awesome box, I have so many Essie polishes in pink & red they are my favorite :-)

  5. That box looks fabulous. I usually buy Essie polishes.

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  6. ahh now i have another group to join, i'm apart of julep mavens lol

  7. tempting;
    but i do love that dark color!

  8. I might need to join this nail polish club...hmmm...I love the colors you got!

  9. No I haven't!! I just may have to! I'm signed up for Julep Maven which I thought was feeding my nail addiction hehe

  10. You should shared what you get from your nail polish box more ... I'm really really debating joining it ... but am on the fence a little bit :)


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