Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wedding Planning... uh oh Part II

Wedding Planning... uh oh Part I.

Most of my girls had replied back to my email letting me know that if I needed anything at all they would be happy to help and they were surprised at how well I was taking things. I first received a text from my MOH asking if it was okay that she call me. I told her of course. She was currently speaking with Mychael on the other line. I didn't think anything of the phone call, she is Mychael's best chick friend.

Me and Aiko
My office phone rang and it was her. Her voice sounded a little nervous. "Hey Celia. So after I got your email this morning I figured I should really call you. I have some news." Of course my first thought is. "Oh my god you're pregnant!!" She giggled and said no, and that she felt really bad.... But her husband just received an amazing offer with his job and they could be moving to London within the next couple months. My heart dropped. This also means that she would probably miss our wedding. She felt so bad, but I assured her that I understood and if this is something that is good for them as a family, you can't pass up the opportunity!

Moose and Aiko should both know details of their trips within the next couple weeks. When it was just Moose leaving we thought about moving the wedding date up to August, but now this would mean we would have to move the wedding date up to May. That still wouldn't guarantee anything. Aiko and her husband could already be gone by then. When I got off of work yesterday Mychael was pretty upset, mad, torn, and lost. Who wouldn't be? It is one thing when your best friends live on the other side of the city, or even in a different state. But now, now his two best friends are both leaving to live in other countries within a couple months of each other.

When I walked in the door last night, the package for our Save The Dates was sitting on the table. Break my heart. What do we do? We don't want to rush our wedding. Sure we have had a super long engagement, but we have always been the couple that didn't rush a thing. We don't want anything to feel forced. We want both these individuals in our wedding, but, currently we are thinking that we will just keep our date the same. We don't want to jump the gun on anything, so we are going to wait to hear the details within the next couple weeks.

Who could ever imagine having two people in their lives suddenly uproot and move across the world? I mean, seriously what are the odds? Did you have any road bumps in your wedding planning or are you currently? What would you do in our situation? Does it make us horrible people if we push forward with everything as is?


  1. No, it does not make you horrible people if you keep the date as is. At the end of the day the only people who really NEED to be present at your wedding are you and Mychael, really that's all that matters! Love you girl! Hope it all works out so that you get the happy wedding day you are dreaming of! xoxo

  2. It's YOU & YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND'S day, so no, it doesn't make you horrible people. Not even close.
    We had originally planned to have our wedding about a year after our engagement (which was in July), after I finished up nursing school. However, my grandmother wasn't doing so great (health-wise) and we really wanted her to be there since she was a huge part of my life, so we pushed our date to December. We decided this in August, so we had 4 months to plan, while I was still in school, and my hubs was across an ocean. A month before our date, my grandma passed away. We continued on with our date, even though it was difficult to fathom going on with the planning when it was a month away.
    In the end though, it was one of those things that we knew we were surrounded by love (even from those who couldn't be there).
    There will always be unplanned things that come up; thus is life. But like I said before, at the end of the day, you'll be married to the man you love.
    Still hoping everything becomes smooth sailing soon for y'all!

  3. Oh wow that definitely throw a wrench in your plans, and what are the odds of that happening? You have to do what you have to do though and the show must go on! Even though it's great to involve friends and family in the day, it's ultimately about you and him!

  4. It doesn't make you a horrible person.
    Though it would be great if they could be there, it also is not fair to you to keep switching wedding plans and making it more hard than it already is.

  5. Do what makes you both happy, it is all about the both of you in the end. Either way you decide your day will be amazing. Maybe if they can't go they can watch over skype so its like they are there?? Good luck!!

  6. I think you should keep the day as is. You are already in the middle of planning - no need for more stress! And, you can't move your date around if something else awful were to happen... ya know? You just gotta plow through and stick to your plan! Good luck! It will all work out!

  7. It's life isn't is? Things change suddenly, opportunities come up, plans don't go like we think they will. And that is exactly what a wedding is too - a celebration of two lives coming together. Go ahead as planned - you'll miss them, and they'll be thinking of you guys on your day.


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