Friday, March 23, 2012

Wedding Planning... uh oh - Part I

You may have seen my mini freak out on twitter last night. Mychael's best man has been applying for Ph.D programs all over. They met up for drinks and some guy time while I had myself a date night in with myself. Yummy mexican food, painted my nails, watched I Just Don't Know How She Does It, and took a way too long shower. It was quite the evening.

Mychael & Moose
When Mychael came home the first thing he told me was "honey, I have some bad news", so I paused Four Weddings and was open ears. "Moose is going to Saudi Arabia for his Ph.D, he won't be able to be in our wedding." Mychael listed out all the Universities Moose was accepted to, and one of them was Houston's own Rice University. Of course I tell Mychael that Moose can just fly back home for our wedding, or why doesn't he just go to Rice instead? I mean I had serious I'm the bride brain at the moment. Then I realised, this isn't about me. My soon to be husband is going to be losing one of his best friends, his long time friend. I took a moment.

This is Moose's dream. We can't ask him to change his life just for us. That's not fair at all. So, maybe we can change our wedding date. There is a Muslim holiday at the end of October and he can home during that week. Maybe we can move the wedding up, before he leaves... But then, our photographer. What if he doesn't have a slot open for us? There is another photographer I love so let me check her pricing first just in case. Oh my god, our save the dates will be here any day! We have our ceremony site already...

I was upset and Mychael could tell. "Honey, are you okay?" Yes, of course I was... kinda. This is a road bump I couldn't predict. I wasn't mad at Mychael, I wasn't mad at mind was racing. I couldn't really sleep. When I finally got comfortable and fell asleep, I woke back up sick! So this morning I sent an email out to my girls just to let them know that there may be a change in plans...

Then, I recieved a phone call... be continued...


  1. Oh no!
    Weddings are super stressful. I remember!
    The best thing anyone ever told me was that at the end of the day (no matter what day it may be!) you'll be married to the person you love.
    I hope it all works out with as little stress as possible, though!

  2. first of all, my hubs knows moose. second, i hope everything works out!!!

  3. Oh the suspense!
    And the call?

    Good luck on your planning. I hope it doesn't get too stressful!

  4. I couldn't even believe everything when you were texting me ... My heart literally was hurting for you guys! But I believe it will all work out perfectly and you will figure it all out! xoxo

  5. Yikes! Never a good thing! What happened?! The suspense!

  6. Oh no! I hope everything works out girl.. I wanna hear the rest though!!!

  7. Oh goodness...That last line is never good! Hope everything will work out!


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