Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lately: April

Hi Friends!
Can I just say that the past 3 weeks have been crazy busy and wonderful! I've barely had a moment to sit. This weekend though, I emptied our calendar! I needed a break from everything and wanted to just sit on my toosh, sleep in a bit (8am), and not have anything scheduled in. It has been a nice refresher!

As most of you know Instagram has been made available for Android users whoohoo! What a fun little app. So, here is my life lately via Instagram!

I'll be posting more often, I hope. Can you believe it is only a couple days away from May! Holy cow! Our wedding is about 5 months away!!! I'm excited and I hope our day(s) come together nicely. That's all for today!

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I found this nifty photo collage maker here: Photovisi 

There are some link ups that you can do if you so choose... 
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life rearranged


  1. I am happy Instagram is available for my droid phone! It is so much fun.

  2. I'm loving instagram, I need to start posting more pictures.

  3. You are smart for clearing a weekend to take a little break! I need to do that before this baby gets here.

    5 months!!! That's just going to fly, though it may not seem like it yet. Hooray!

  4. Great photos! Thank you for posting the collage maker. Woohoo! I am new to Instagram (having an Android and all) and I really like it so far. By the way, it is your fault I now want a margarita at Chili's. ;)


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