Friday, April 13, 2012

Local Dining: George's Pastaria

I now work in a much nicer area than I did previously. I guess anything is better than the 5th ward, right? Seriously though, the area is nice, full of shopping centers, chain restaurants, independent places, outdoor dining... I'm in heaven! I get to dine out all by myself. I used to do this all the time when I worked in my little area of town. It is actually quite refreshing!

I'm still getting to know the area, I have ventured out a tad here and there. What's the best way to find out where you should grab lunch? FourSquare of course. I hit the explore button on my first day and George's Pastaria showed up as one of the most checked in places near my office. Whoohoo! Pasta!! Okay, pasta is my BFF, but pasta is also what is standing between me and flat abs.

Anyway, a little side tracked there. This place is so cute, it was lunch time and I was seated fairly quickly. They were busy so everyone was running around. The staff was amazing and very attentive. Everyone had a smile on their face. They definitely made this new girl feel very welcomed.

Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken
I ordered water with lemon to drink, it is usually my preferred beverage for my meals. They brought out some garlic bread. Nom!! So good. They have an appetizer of Cheese Toast that I may have to get that next time... or the Fried Ravioli. I ordered the Fettuccine Alfredo and added Chicken. When it came out it looked very delicious! Nice and creamy, lots of sauce (just the way I like it!). I have to say, I was a tad disappointed. I felt like it was a little bland but had pops of flavor here and there, and the chicken didn't seem fresh.

I'm thinking it was just an off day for this dish, or maybe it was just me. I will definitely be back again. The wait staff was incredibly friendly, I have to go back and give it another shot. Perhaps get the shrimp in my pasta instead, or try another dish. 

Do you have a local Italian restaurant that you absolutely love? What is your favorite dish? 

Oh, happy Friday the 13th.... don't let the bed bugs bite tonight! Enjoy your weekend, whatever you do! :)


  1. It is nice to work at a great surrounding. A kind of motivation to go to work :D I have this one Italian restaurant that is my fav right now. Can't resist their angle hair pasta and ravioli

  2. That pasta looks AMAZING! I'm hungry right now and I want that for breakfast! PS - i love your new blog layout!

  3. We have little whole in the wall wing joints but Big Man would be more suited to tell you about those since I don't really eat wings.

  4. That pasta looks amazing!! Can you send me some? ;)


  5. Italian places are the best places to eat :).


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