Friday, April 20, 2012

Local Dining: Leaf 'N Ladle

Goodness we have had some beautiful weather in Houston recently. One day it was entirely too pretty to eat inside so I once again checked out FourSquare to see where another local spot was that I could eat. Leaf 'N Ladle Cafe popped up and there was a mention that they had changed up their menu a bit and it was yummy. I noticed before that they had outdoor dining. This is where I was going to eat!

Lunch Portion - Cheese Enchilada Dinner with a Beef Taco
They have a wide variety, salads, soups, sandwiches, and Mexican food. I ordered the cheese enchiladas, usually my staple for Mexican restaurants. It was good, not the best I have ever had, then... the waitress asked if I would like some salsa. Oh, yes of course! I got the green sauce, it was made more authentically than tex-mex which is fine with me. She mentioned it was a bit spicy. Okay, I poured a bit on my enchiladas it was delish. Then my mouth got a little hot... but that's what water is for and I am glad I didn't pour a ton of salsa on my plate. This place seems like more of a lunch spot rather than a dinner spot. I'll be back for sure, there is so much more to try!

Do you have any favorite little lunch spots near your place of work?


  1. I don't get a lunch at work. LOL. I work all the way through. So...yeah. I'm jealous :o)

  2. ( lunch consists of shoving my face at work in the office since I don't get any breaks)


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