Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All I wanted was a nail polish change...

Ok y'all, 90% of the time I do my own manicures or nail polish changes. I don't have the time to schedule these appointments as often as I would like, and sometimes I am antisocial. So, when I do go it is usually because 1) I feel like I need some pampering 2) I am having a nail emergency 3) The nail polish is difficult to remove.

Today, numbero dos and tres was the issue, see my nail files post here. Glitter = difficult and I didn't feel like dealing with it & my nails were looking horrid.

The company I work for encourages everyone to take a 1hr lunch break daily. Plenty of time for a color change right?

So strange, right? I always look at a guy a little cross eyed when they come out of a nail salon... BUT this one also offered waxes, facials, and massages. So, I can respect a guy that wants to keep his looks up. But... to tell me I can't get a nail polish change... and there were no other clients in there?!?! I figured I just got there before the lunch crowd came in. Won't be stopping in there again.

Lucky for me I am surrounded by shopping centers, next one over...

I walked in VO nails, the ladies were sitting around chatting and seemed friendly. I asked for a nail polish change, they asked for me to select my color and then I sat in the chair. Normal, right? The manicurist started taking off the nail polish from one of my fingers then said "oh, it messed up my nail polish..." um, really? i've gone to my fair share of salons from high end to in the dumps you typically don't wear nail polish because. this.will.happen. then "your nail polish is difficult to take off, what is this? glitter?" and she hands me a cotton ball and the nail polish remover as she takes off her own nail polish.

I was dumbfounded and thought for a second, "ok, I'll take off my own nail polish" ... but then I came back to reality, this is her job to do, not mine! This is why I am paying her. I politely told her "I'm sorry, I'm going to go, but thank you." She apologized and offered to do it, but I was already dissatisfied. Will not be stopping at this place again either.

Talk about bad luck! So I walked into CVS with one nail polish-less nail and others with cotton ball strings on them to buy myself some remover and polish. Nail walk of shame, for sure! 10 minutes later polish was off and one layer of nail polish was on.

Am I alone here with these bad experiences?

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  1. Oh wow - what a story. Good for you for walking out - you did the right thing!! No need to pay someone for that!

  2. Woah. Epic nail fail.

    I LOVE glitter....but HATE to take it off. I think that might be why I've only worn it once over the past couple months. But for the nail person to tell you to take it off yourself...WOW!!! I'm glad you realized it was supposed to be her job. Shesh.

    I'm kinda glad I do my own nails now.

    And now you have supplies at work to do your nails! ;) Not like I've done that before...

  3. That's ridiculous. Good for you for walking out of the last one, I would have been shocked!

  4. This is so ridiculous. My nail shop will tell you 5 mins when there's like 6 people ahead of you but they never turn anyone away. Sometimes they prob should. Ha. I'm so glad you left, I think I might have been too shocked to, then I would have been pissed.

  5. That is just absolutely ridiculous!!!

  6. WOW!!! That's is ridiculous! I would have walked out too!

  7. Wow. I don't get my nails done anywhere very often (I'm talking, like, MAYBE twice a year) but I would NEVER go to a place that acts like that. How rude! I can paint my own nails for free, I don't need to pay someone $30 to bitch about taking 10 minutes to take my polish off.

  8. WOW! No you're not. I had a terrible pedicure the other week. Went to a new place that was cheap. They cared more about the hot stone massage on your legs than the actual pedicure. My nails were still long and my feet were not all pretty. Then, went with friends to get another pedicure for a wedding. Made an appointment for 3 of us 2 hours in advance. Only had 2 girls working and 3 other clients in the store. Did a terrible job and took forever! What is going on in the world?

  9. Wow that is craziness....who operates a business, especially a nail business like that.

  10. That is crazy! I agree with you. I really hate going to get my finger nails done. It's just so much of a hassle. Now a pedicure on the other hand? I'll take that ANY DAY! :)

  11. What a joke! I am glad you left. I have a great place that I have been going to for over 5yrs. it took me about 4 nail salon's to find them when we moved but I would never go anywhere else. At least you can do your own and they look beautiful!!

  12. I've heard if you use tinfoil wrapped around a cotton ball it will help take the glitter off.

    I still can't believe she asked you to take it off. WOW!


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