Monday, May 14, 2012


A new link up from one of my fave bloggers and someone I call a mentor (even though I haven't chatted with her in a bit). So click that button up top, read, comment, and do your own! =) ...oh, but read mine first.

This link up works for me, I'm super random. If only you lived in my head... or house, poor Mychael.

  • I can't seem to catch up on my sleep, no matter how hard I try lately. There is always something to do, or somewhere to go. 
  • Bridezilla came out and I may or may not have pissed off some of my wedding party via email. Oh well, my wedding, my way our wedding, our way... and in all honesty, it made things a lot easier for everyone. 
  • I took myself off of BC, no, not because we want to start a little familia but because even though I thought this one was the right one it made me a person I was not. Can we say I didn't want cuddles, or anyone to speak to me, and I may or may not have felt bipolar? Gahhh! I'm back to being me now. Thank goodness!
  • I had a date night with myself while Mychael had a poker night last week. Super enjoyable! Dinner out, table for 1 and the waiter did not believe the 18yo me in my ID was me and thought it was my older sister. I still got my Margarita though. 
  • Save - the - dates are addressed and I forgot them at home. Whoops. You get to see them later this week!!! Yay! 
  • I am in the process of shutting down my Scentsy biz, I barely have time to sleep, and Uncle Sam keeps taking my earnings from this away. No fun. 
  • My new job is still super awesome. I had a meeting with my boss last week and he said they loved me and were impressed with me. Whoohoo! We had a company dinner to celebrate a big contract and let's just say we all wished they would have told us not to come in the next day. Zzz... 
  • My blogoversary is coming up, 4yrs, wheeee!!!! 
  • I have some affiliates over there <--- and will be introducing you to them soon. =)
  • I have a super big secret of my own and I have been forbidden to blog about it or tell anyone about it. Bumm to the er.


  1. I'm super random too ... I really feel bad for Ken. Sometimes he just looks at me with a confused look and I just have to apologize, lol.

    I sold Avon briefly - but I bought more than I sold and it cost me more money than I made.

    I'm glad you're still loving your new job! You totally deserve to be happy!

  2. I have that sleep problem too! I don't think I've gotten a good night's sleep in about a week. lol

  3. I'm sorry about Scentsy :( I had the same trouble with Mary Kay, haha.
    And I know about the whole BC thing! Ah!! It's so frustrating to find the right one for you!

  4. I had a date night with myself recently too! Except mine involved beer, girly tv, and a pedi haha.

    Sorry to hear about your Scentsy biz, but glad your doing so well at your new job!

    Have a great week!

  5. Love this post! I feel like I always have random thoughts to share:) So glad you are loving your new job!

  6. I was on a certain birth control at one point that made me a crazy person. I got off it STAT!

    So glad that your still enjoying your new job :).

  7. My old birth control made me a crazy lady, but my new one works out better, you should check prescriptions!

    I am still a bridezille, 4 years later. It is your day girl, don't forget it!

  8. YAY for the new job working out!

  9. Awww sorry to hear about your Scentsy - who will I buy from now?! =(

    I hear ya though, I tried selling Mary Kay for 6-8 months and after the holidays, it just wasn't going anywhere and I couldn't even afford it!

  10. yayy! Congrats on the save the dates being sent out! I've been engaged for almost a year, and still no date set, LOL. And so happy hearing that someone LOVES their job! it gives me hope- not that I don't love my job now, I do. But, I don't consider working as an au pair and forever job, LOL! And, I want to know your secret! Will you be able to share, ever??

    Hope you have an awesome day!


  11. Four years of blogging?? Woah!! Congrats. That's awesome!

    Sorry that you're shutting Scentsy down :( I thought you were doing that for wedding funds? That sucks!! :(

    Your Save the Dates are super cute...excited for you!!



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